• Nah, but when I find out someone is really squeemish and can't stand anything medical, descriptive or bloody, I have a good old laugh about that. Then I go out of my way to tell some very gross stories.
  • hilarious but I live in Ireland where they're not dangerous
  • pretty much EVERY girl in my school is afraid of spiders, im always the one to get up and kill one, and then they turn around and go "aww why did you kill it", crazy.
  • nope I 'm not scares of spiders but hell YES to see them freak out over a small bug that is more scared of them than they are of it
  • I have to say it would have to be a hilarious scene to someone watching when we find a spider in our house (especially a big one) because my husband and I are both afraid of spiders. He's a little braver than me with them, but I know we look spastic when we find one.
  • I personally like spiders and other creepy crawlies and I rarely kill one. I usually try to put them outside but I suspect they find their way back in. The worst thing a spider does is make messy webs all over the house. I know a lot of people who are afraid of spiders. Yes, I find it humorous and I really don't understand it.
  • Well, after I saw "Charlotte's Web" and fell in love with Charlotte, I feel a bit different about spiders. If it is a large spider, I am uneasy because I don't know enough to differentiate between those that are harmless and those that aren't. Jim likes to capture them in a glass and release them to the outside when I see one, if he is near, he handles it. I do better capturing moths and releasing them! :)
  • I have to force myself not to think of spiders when someone mentions them. I have a bit of an anxiety problem and my fear of spiders gets exacerbated. If i find one in the house i surface spray every single thing then sit holding the spray for hours with all the lights on. Sounds silly but when you're deathly afraid of something... Plus i live in the country, i get snakes in my place all the time.
  • I know someone. I only talked about it once around him and he flipped. Thats how I found out. Even in a game we play he will turn his character when we are near spider like creatures or just avoid the area. I don't find his phobia to be humorous. Just some of the things he will do to avoid anything about them. He can act very silly at times. But he is trying to. I think he hides behind the humor so not everyone realized he is deathly afraid of them.
  • My ex husband was terrified of spiders. I always thought it was funny because he thought he was a big tough ex-marine and I had to get tiny little spiders out of the bathtub or he'd freak. hahahaha yes it was humorous.
  • Yes ...I am ...especially of the big ones ...Terrified ! And I don't know if anybody finds it humorous :-) !

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