• unplantable terrain, greed and logistics. Not necessarily in that order.
  • Financial and logistical reasons. Also has a lot to do with "out of sight, out of mind" and in some cases people not helping themselves.
  • Non-caring.The wealthy societies care if they can make their own mortgage payments,over some one starving.That is sad and sad statement of human society.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Most people care about making their mortgage payment more than people starving. I care about people starving but I'm not going to put my family out on the street for it.
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  • MONSANTO!!!!! Droughts in South Africa and a few other countries. Rice riots. Shortage of corn and other crops being diverted towards BIOFUELS instead of for food!!! And now Monsanto is going to help by donating more of their GMO crop seeds which you can't save and plant the next year but you have to buy from them. And if you have any of their genetic material in your seeds you do save, they sue and ruin you. Evil!!!
  • I don't know. I'm sending in my .19cents a day.
  • Politics. It's always politics. Who gets the aid. Who is starving their own people. Who is making some war so crops don't get grown or harvested.
  • Human success and human nature. 1) We are successful enough as a species to have overpopulated the world. We've extended our overall lifespan via medical advances and reduced predation while our fertility rate stays the same. 2) We are, by nature, greedy and tribalistic. Sooner or later, we will have a pandemic worse than the bubonic plague (took out @30-65% of human population) that will take care of the problem. Or someone pushes that big ol' nuclear button.
  • maybe cause some of us have a hard time getting jobs cause noone will hire us

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