• Tax assessments are usually lower than market value. The seller is probably realistic at this price. If you doubt the value, your best bet is to hire an independent appraiser.
  • The assesment value the government uses for tax purposes is rarely accurate and generally lower than the home's actual value if sold. The owner is probably pretty fair with the price but most sellers will come down some on the price as generally it it porobably "strategically" overpriced to allow for you to "get a good deal". You may be able to drop then $5000 but i wouldn't expect more than that.
  • I think it's reasonable to assume a house which sold at that price 10 years ago has increased in value by that much. And yes, the tax assessment is always lower than the actual sale price of the house. (Which is a good thing, you pay less taxes!) I would suggest taking a look at the market value of other houses recently sold in that neighborhood, if you'd like an idea of what it might be worth.
  • Make your offer and tell them to take it or leave it. Houses are like lovers, a dime a dozen.

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