• Most men have a great urge to have sex almost all the time, some men like to control and dominate, but I don't think it's in our genes. It's mostly a learned thing----perhaps a man was abused as a child by a female, and now he feels he has to get back at women for the injustice, so he turns violent. Just like racism, it's a learned thing, environmental, not genetic. But because of men's strong sexual appetites, one may say it is a "secondary" cause of rape.
  • If so, I'm definitely missing that gene. Sex is nice and all, but I've never in my life felt compelled to rape anyone.
  • In most cases rape really has nothing to do with sexual desires or contexts other then the act itself. We have fucked up yet harmless fetishes for that. It's supposed to be a physical manifestation of either gnarled up psychological disposition or conditioned stress, abuse and the like that cannot be contained. Maybe a man who was restrained as a child in every possible way by his mother feels a lack of power and control in his life and executes this is in his adult years to fill this void, and I believe that rape is only one method people find of making themselves ''feel'' better, so it can't be that abnormal in respect to certain genetic attributions. So while it's unfortunately in our genes, at least in an extensional context of seething trauma, poor self image, anger and sorrow, I don't think it's quite directed to our natural need to procreate, but since scientific intricacies are often interpreted as desire, it might be an easy thing to mistake. It's a ''potential'' of our genes, or maybe even a ''natural anomaly'' if that makes any sense, but is not directly linked to what would construct man's evolutionary genetics, although sadly I'm convinced that everything happens for a reason, even such disgusting things. And women aren't exempt from this either. While you don't hear about women raping men very often, we can go about it other ways such as psychological guilt trips and assorted crap that may seem harmless, but over the years I'm sure the ''victim'' is quite affected indeed, and it's no hidden fact that women sexually abuse children in physical ways as much as man do. Such things to me, in short, point more towards effects as being social products as opposed to a direct link to our biology, although biology itself does certainly play a part in transferring it.
  • Yes, and no
  • Yes, there is a gene common to violent behavior.
  • thats a learned behavior, not a gene. You can be bipolar but it is controllable. You can have sexual urges all the time but they are stoppable. Rape is not a genetic trait duh everyone knows that.
  • no it isnt. some people genetically are maybe angrier then others but its mostly how we grow up and our influences nature vs nurture, nature can only do so much, nurture has the most effect
  • I think probably. Genes get passed on via sex into the next generation. A gene that drives a man to do anything to have sex, including rape, would inevitably cause a certain number of births - and hence opportunities for that gene to be passed on.
  • When Human are born there mind is empty, there mind has no knowledge of Good nor Evil, therefor Rape,Evil and Good is a Learnt Trait Same has Cathing a Ball and Walking as you learn to walk and learn to catch a Ball
  • I think it is in our genes, it is natural to want to procreate, but we have set rules and limits for the betterment of society. We have the power to control our urges.
  • No, there is no violence against women or men gene. It doesn't run in families and isn't passed from one to the next generation. It is warped and twisted behavior.
  • A womens sex drive is just as strong as a mans.Men are more aggressive and violent and that's where rape comes in.
  • Not in the sense that it's instinctive to most people. Men rape because they either want immediate sex or because they want to traumatize women. I think we can agree that the first motive is normal and instinctive and the second is deeply abnormal and doesn't apply to the question. And, obviously, most men don't commit rape, which is a potentially dangerous shortcut to getting sex. If a normal man could get sex for free and on demand, he would have no normal incentive to rape, risking injury, prison, revenge, and so on. Of course, most men don't get sex immediately and effortlessly and so there is always a temptation to just take what they want. All normal men want sex and would like it to be more available to them personally. So, the potential for rape is in our genes. But to actually do it? No, it's a choice greatly dependent on our socialization.
  • It wouldn't surprise me if such a link were to be discovered. But even if it is, that's still no excuse.
  • no i dont care wat ppl say u can HELP forcing some1 to have sex same as i believe molesters would control it if they wanted to
  • We women have strong sex drives too! We masturbate when we need to release it. Some might attack little boys and hurt them they are like the men who rape. I don't think it is in our genes but it is in ours genes to be violent maybe.
  • Probably at first, but then the jeans get ripped off!!!
  • Yes. It is one of the many reason that our species has been able to radiate out to inhabit the entire planet without speciating. We transfer genes between populations very effectively. This is further evidenced by the propensity some women have to ovulate during stressful events such as rape. Personally I find rape to be abhorrent and do not condone any type of non consensual sexual activity.

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