• Well, fear can be a good thing because it keeps us from doing dangerous things like touching hot stoves or walking out in traffic. You, however, can't let irrational fear rule you.
  • idk. but if there was no fear we would probably do reckless stuff and die.
  • I think that we can survive with out fear. But I think that fear creates challenge in life and a lot of people seem to thrive on challenge. So, in some way, maybe we need fear.
  • No, as fear is one of our greatest driving factors, and in all its forms from primal fear to emotional fears and anxiety. Even if you know how and why it seems to work it doesn't make a difference, and we'd all be dead if we couldn't ''fear''.
  • Fear can be useful. It can keep us from doing stupid things. But it can also be devastating.
  • Fear can be unhealthy, but it is also healthy, for like pain, it keeps us from danger or potential danger, though the comparison is more shallow than I thought! Fearing God is a really good thing, for it keeps us from many things that we would do if we ignored or didn't fear him. Also, not all fear is the truly frightened kind, for it can be respectful and reverent.
  • I'd say you wouldnt survive very long!
  • no we have to feel fear for us to be brave same goes with sadness, we must feel it to be happy
  • It propably wouldn't be a good idea, some fear is healthy. Probably keeps us alive. I'd like a litle less fear somedays!
  • well the wall of china ,in my opinion, wouldn't have been built without it
  • I think mankind would parish without fear.. but don't mistaken fear for common sense though.. they come hand in hand sometimes.
  • No. It is a necessary survival instinct. Without it, we will put ourselves in harm's way and eventually make judgment choices that will harm ourselves and others.
  • Fear of some sort is a survival instict. It keeps us from acting like Lemmings and doing stupid things although sometimes we still do them anyway - because we're human.
  • Fear hinders mans spiritual and emotional growth. It is a self imposed imprisonment born of a hatred, fearfulness and ignorance. Man truly lives when he has shed all fear. Of death, of failure, of rejection, of pain. It is then man truly spreads his wings and lives fully. His mind and intellect awaken and he perceives a greater and familial world of which he is an integral part. Fear is a slumber or death. Mans survival is based upon his ability to overcome fear and adversity and excel. It is ignorance and fear that contains him within his own shell of mind and body.
  • good question. I think we can benefit from having some degree of fear because it helps us to be more cautious, keeps us on our toes.
  • Not for very long, Many of the things we have to day were made because of "what ifs?" I guarantee that no one alive today would be so had their anscestors were afraid of what might happen
  • no because all of our emotions have evolved for a reason fears being that we do not put our selves in harms way
  • Without fear, we may *transcend*! ;-)
  • No, if we had no fear then we would put ourselves in situations that we ought not to.
  • Not anymore as there are goo many greedy people out there.
  • psychologically, yes.

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