• They worship God, and follow the teachings of Jesus.
  • With religions consistantly diverging whenever there are heated debates some saying yes others saying no religions split and they can't have the same name now can they(usually) You have dif types of Jews and dif types of Catholics.
  • We worship Jesus, true man and true God.
  • Jesus is a Jew yes but he establish Christianism that's why we worship him
  • Judaism is the Father religion of Christianity. Christians believe in the Old Testament.
  • Jesus was Hebrew. His followers were Christians, not Jews. (I think)
  • because some fiction book tells them to worship a jewish man(and only a man)
  • Because Christianity is Jewish!
  • Christians follow Christ, who was the best Jew, the sinless One. God chose Abraham to father the Israelites back in the old testament, and Israel is God's chosen people. It is only natural that the Messiah foretold first back in Genesis 3:15 was a Jew, and like the Perfect Sacrifice, He was born to die, being the Sacrificial Lamb of God. The Jews knew the best animal sacrifice was a lamb, for sheep are innocent and trusting, which is why Christians are the sheep of His pasture, with Jesus being the Good Shepherd.
  • Jews and Christians believe in the old testament of the bible. Jesus came as a messiah and freed us from sin and from the law of the old testament. Christians follow the ways of Christ for he said "No man shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but through me." Jews (Jesus' own people) do not believe that he was the messiah. And therefore still follow the old testament. Both groups follow the same God.
  • I agree with the above comment: Jesus did not start a religion.... that all came along after Jesus was gone. This free ebook is about the Original Kingdom Gospel that Jesus preached, rather than the Pauline gospel that came along after he was gone. It's called "Gospel Enigma" 10th book here And if you don't like that choice, there are other free Christian books there.
  • What you have to understand is a very basic concept: that Christianity is the fulfilment of Judaism. 1.When the world was created, everything was perfect. Humans were created to rule and care for the world under the authority of God 2. But humans rebelled against God, challenging His authority. The Bible calls this SIN. (you can think of sIn as the "I" in the middle, instead of God being there.) 3. Sin caused an irreversable rupture in relationships i. between humans and the created order (leading to all the problems we see now- natural disasters, sickness,global warming, pollution, deforestation etc) ii. between humans and other humans (leading to anger, fighting, war, divorce, oppression, abuse etc) iii. worst of all, between humans and their Creator. This caused a gap that no amount of good works could cross, and meant that no could stand in God's presence (since He is holy). 4. But God loved the people He created and was determined to fix the problem of sin. He promised Adam and Eve that He would send someone to reverse the curse, so to speak. Eve hoped that it was her son, Cain, but she was disappointed. Sin (egoism/rebellion), conceived by the parents, passed to the son and to the rest of humanity. 5. God called Abraham to follow Him c 2000BC. He promised Abraham i) that from him there would be a nation ii)that he would have offspring iii) that his name would be famous throughout history iv) that , through him, all the world would be blessed In other words, God was preparing a land, a nation, a people, and eventually a family, into which “the blessing” for all peoples would be born: Jesus Christ. 6. The rest of the Old Testament is God’s dealing with the special people, Israel, to make them into a vessel for the birth of the Messiah, the Christ, the Chosen One. That is why Jesus was born in Israel, as a Jew, God’s chosen people, to fulfil the promises made to Abraham 2000 years before, and ultimately, to Adam and Eve, that one would be born, who would heal the gap, the rift, the valley between God and man, by sacrificing his perfect self on the cross, to pay for the sins of all people from the start of the world to the end of it.
  • What exactly does Jesus being Jewish have to do with worshiping Him? If Yahweh would have chosen Greece for Jesus to be born in, I would still worship Him. Location has nothing to do with it. Jesus being Savior of the world does.
  • If he was an Asian man, Ethiopian man, Moorish man, it doesn't matter. God just so happened to choose a Jewish girl to carry and give birth to His child.
  • i dont know - emm to be honest i think they should be worshipping the devine creator GOD not his jewish son
  • Because we are totally into saving another cultures reject!
  • Genuine Christians worship Jehovah God, Jesus' heavenly father. (Matthew 4:10) Then Jesus said to him:
  • As a Trinitarian Christian I believe that Jesus is God Incarnate and that is why. Christianity grew out of Judeaism and we believe that Jesus fulfilled and was the culmination of Judaic Law so that we could be free.
  • Jesus ceased being Jewish when he began his preaching...Ceased by not following the 600 laws that no Jewish man could possibly obey all the time.

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