• Planet X arriving in 2012? Are you sure you've posted this question in the right spot? Everything I've read makes all 2012 predictions seem like mere speculation. Besides, the Good Book says no one (not even the angels of heaven or Jesus himself) knows the day or hour of the Lord's return.
  • Why should the Church be doing anything to prepare for this? There is no evidence that this is actually going to happen. In another answer that seems to have disappeared, there was a link to a YouTube video. In that video, I saw a lot of suppositions, assumptions, and downright bad science. One of the biggest clues that these people don't know about what they are talking is when they start talking about Planet X possibly being a brown dwarf. They say the the mass of Planet X is only 4 - 8 times that of Earth. Then they tell us that Jupiter did not quite get big enough to be a brown dwarf. Jupiter is 317.8 times Earth's mass. The lower limit for a brown dwarf is about thirteen times that. So, something that is only 4 to 8 Earth masses gets no where near massive enough to be called a brown dwarf nor would something that small be able to do the various things that they start start to attribute to Planet X. My second problem with this is that the discovery of another true planet would be very big news. The fact that the presence of Planet X has not been trumpeted by the discoverers and the news media makes me question its alleged discovery. This is where the video descended into a lot of assuming with no real hard evidence. So, I return to my original question. Why should the Church be preparing for this. Assuming that Planet X really does exist, it is not big enough to do what they say it will. However, even assuming that it exist is a stretch.
  • Hmmm I didnt know the Latter Day saints even had an interest in Niburu or Panet X, I have no answer but have read a lot about the Annunaki and planet X etc. interesting stuff. Someone mentioned if a new planet was found it would be big news. well there's already more than 9 planets in the solar system and Niburu has been speculated for some time now, but it's long eliptical orbit makes it impossible to see or track thus far. as far as other planets in the solar system a big ball farther out than Pluto but which apparently appears to meet the standard definition of a planet challenges the conventional wisdom about the true number of planets within our solar system. Currently assigned the inglorious name of 2003 UB313, this possible tenth planet also bears the pet name of Xena, just like the long-time syndicated show about a warrior princess. First discovered in 2003, UB313 joins at a few other possible planetary bodies now under consideration in a reevaluation of how many planets actually exist within the same solar system where Earth orbits. Yet whether UB313 or Xena is ever reclassified as a planet, yet alone the tenth recognized one in our solar system, remains to be seen. This doubt exists for several reasons. One is the issue of these other recently discovered potential planets under review. Another matter is the fact that a real controversy exists about whether even some of our current planets really deserve this classification. While there are planets like Earth, made of rock, there are other that are simply large, frigid, gaseous balls like Pluto. Astronomers and scientists question whether planets by the Earth definition belong in the same category as others like Pluto. After all, we know that Earth supports life since so many of us are here. Mars, too, seems to show some early promise of having, at least at one time, offered the common elements like water that allow the formation of life. However, the potential for life forms does not define whether a big ball becomes a planet or not. Instead, there are three classic states which each object must be deemed to meet before they can attain planetary status. These are: 1. Sufficient gravity to retain its round configuration. 2. Not so big that they could potentially become a star which can lead a quite different life from a planet. 3. Orbits a sun. So I don't know what the Latter Day Saints think or are doing about it but I think there is possibly a chance Niburu exists and may have been what formed out oceans and moon and asteroid belt when it passed through before and destroyed a small planet and took a chunk out of earth
  • Nothing. The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints does not have a doctrine that some Planet X will be coming in 2012. I had not so much as even heard of a Planet X until you asked the question, and based on my little research, belief in this Planet X has become a religion of its own, and certainly has little bearing on The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints.
  • They are doing the same thing any sensible human would. Nothing.
  • Damn! And here I was preparing for the arrival of Planet, I have to scrap all my plans & start from scratch again... ~sigh~
  • they are saving dry goods and canned goods in their huge caves and caverns. they are rounding up the young men and women to carry on after all the old folks get wiped off the face of the earth in december of 2012.
  • Readying the BBQ
  • become gods
  • make lots of jam sandwiches and pack lots of flasks of tea. Oh wait, thats the Church of England.

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