• I'm not so sure geographics will make much difference. How do you think you rush r/ships? And why?
  • I think geography DOES matter. There might come a time when you need a shoulder to cry on (literal shoulders). If he's too far away from you, how could he be a shoulder to cry on? But based on my few interactions with you on AB, it seems you carry yourself well online, so I guess you have the patience to have a long-distance relationship.
  • If you rush relationships, and you start a relationship you may simply end up moving
  • I would stop worrying about the relationship and concentrate on getting rid of all those cats!!
  • I wouldn't narrow my answer to "someone like you", but I think if you are looking for a true human connection, there's nothing wrong with a long-distance relationship. You just have to be prepared for a whole lot of longing, patience, and trust/faith. It may also be a good idea to decide whether or not you're financially and physically capable of taking a trip to see your S/O every once in a while. I wish you good luck, keep us posted. You deserve to find happiness! :)
  • Awwww ChandaDarling....My little pookie poo! Don't give up Hunny! LeeLee is here ((hugs)). Say no to the cats...dust yourself off and try again. A long distance relationship can fulfill you emotionally yes... But it can get hard without that physical affection. Keep me in touch babe! Let me know how you are doing :)
  • Aww Chandra! Remember that long distance relationships are hard work and can therefore be totally emotionally draining. Rather than worrying so much about taking it slowly, I hope you can figure out what it is you are looking for and find something wonderful. Don't get 30 cats. Replace at least a half dozen of those cats with a friendship with me.... I'm fun, I think you're hilarious, and friendship is always a great thing!
  • Maybe 30 cats could help? Who knows have you tried yet? Or just start with one, just dont let the kids harasses it. :) They are good friends..
  • People who rush into things usually do so to lock up their catch, so to speak. You'll drive yourself insane being in a long distance relationship because it wouldn't work for who you are. Try taking things slow..... Just try it. When you get the urge to tell them you love them, DON'T. Wait at least a few more months before you do, no matter how much you want to.
  • long distance relationships are not easy. In one now for 8 months planning to meet in june but, i can tell you if this one does not workout would NEVER do it again. Nothing like having a relationship with someone in the same area. But, if your crazy like me go for it is a challenge that is forsure.
  • I've had better luck with long distance relationships, that is definately something to try. I am, however wary of people who own multiple cats.
  • Cats aren't bad, but they are even better if you can find a someone who loves them, too. Long distance relationships are tough and not reliable. But if you need something like a buffer, it might work. Is your trouble maintaining or the people you choose? Maybe you need to be choosier or go more slowly. Try just having friendships, even here on AB, just friends with lots of different people, see what happens, open your mind to different ways to meet people and bring them into your life.
  • Ok, I currently have 16 cats (7 of them are foster cats, though), but the cat collection started as the result of a bad relationship! My husband and I divorced -- I wanted custody of the cat -- he could have everything else! Personally, I love long distance relationships! They are better for me because I don't have someone in my face and in my space all the time. They are also great when you're getting to know each other, with all the long phone calls, e-mails, letters, care packages, etc. . . Just make sure it's not such a long-distance thing that you can't see each other once in awhile. By the way, I think I like my cats better than most men!

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