• I don't work at Burger King.
  • I wonder do the employees get all they can eat at lunch time or do they have to pay for their lunches!
  • Go to college. You don't want to work at Burger King. Even if you have to take easy courses at a community college, GET SOME KIND OF DEGREE. You'll earn a lot more money than dummies who supersize fry orders, and you wont work as hard, and life will treat you better. Trust me on this. GO TO COLLEGE. ANY COLLEGE. GET SOME KIND OF DEGREE. (4 years minimum)(two years isnt enough to get respected as knowing anything or being worthy of a decent job in an air conditioned office)
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      You want help deciding your life? The unemployment office will give you "job aptitude tests" and tell you what kind of work you're suited for, based on what you'd be happy with versus what would make you a suicidal alcoholic. And they will let you look at a book that lists all the jobs there are in life, and says what they all pay, and whats required to get those jobs. Dont be a nobody. I dont care if you re just leaving high school. NOW, dont be a nobody! There's no reason to. if youre poor, youcan get loans that will cover the cost of college ENTIRELY (even food and a place to live, yes) GO! LIVE. And never ask about a minimum wage dumb dumb job again.

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