• Despite what they can do in an hour of CSI, it usually takes months, even years.
  • To answer what appears to be two questions.... 1) At my agency, it takes at least a year of intensive, on-the-job training to become a CSI, and that's after coming in with at least an associates degree in forensics or crime scene. Most of us have 4 year degrees though, and three of us are working on our Masters in Forensic Science. It takes years to develop a good 'scene sense' though, and comfort with the numerous techniques, procedures, and equipment that we use daily. For the more uncommon techniques, we use reference material, since none of us can remember it all! 2) How long does it take to solve any crime? Minutes, hours, days, weeks, years, or sometimes (unfortunately) never. Good question(s) though! :)
  • Half truth half fiction

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