• Einstein wasn't really that intelligent compared with other people throughout history. I've heard that Goethe is probably one of the most intelligent persons that have ever lived
  • Do you mean whom? Da Vinci, Jules Verne, Dr. Hawking, my son, my "second son"...there are a lot of extremely intelligent people around..I like the ones who don't try to show us how smart they are all the time..I like the ones who don't toot their own horn or beat their drum..I like the ones who are modest, unassuming and kind! :)
  • Many artists and writers are extremely intelligent. It would not do many of them justice to name just a few.
  • it depends. there are so many differant types of intelligence. for example, one who reads a lot of books might be considered book smart, one who knows the in's and out's of fashion could have a good "dress sense" I, myself, consider common sense to be the best kind of intelligance to have. - to me, knowing what to wear, or knowing a lot of things from books does not really help (although handy to have, of course) in life.
  • Bill Clinton
  • GOD is the most intelligent being ever.
  • There is a great deal of evidence today that Einstein was able to think the way he did because he was wired differently. He had Asperger's syndrome. His brain was studied in the 1990's, and it bore many of the telltale signs, such as sphericity, large diameter, and enlarged parietal lobes. Stories from those who knew him corroberate (not prove) Asperger's. He was absent minded, easily lost, and socially clueless. He did poorly in sschool and in the workplace. He did his greatest work alone while working a menial job. He had the ability, as all people with Asperger's (Aspies) do, to hyperfocus on one particular obsession to the exclusion of everything else he needed to be paying attention to. He once said he had to look at his napkin while seated at a restaurant table in order to tell whether he'd already eaten. Aspies not only hyperfocus, but also think differently, giving what might seem like odd priority to certain bits of information. Multidimensional thinking might be easier for some Aspies than others, as it certainly was for Einstein. Stephen Hawking also engages in hyperfocus-like thinking every day during his three-hour morning and evening routines. I have no idea whether he's got Asperger's, but his neural disorder (rare form of ALS)forces him to engage in these lengthy periods of thinking while someone else has control over his body. When asking "Who's smarter," one always runs into the follow-up question of "in which way?"
  • don't you mean who? Einstein works for me...

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