• wine, beer has losts and lots of sugar.
  • Neither. They're both just extra calories. Either one, in moderation, will be just fine. Excess calories, in any form, will be what helps expand your waistline. Make sure your overall diet is healthy, drink lots of water, and get some activity on a regular basis. You do that, and the occasional drink (of any kind) will not have an impact on your waistline.
  • looks like it depends on a lot of specifics. but some wines seem to have 200 + calories per 12 oz serving
  • i'm going to have to go with wine...considering others calling some people beer bellies. (beer bellies = bigger waist line.) Haven't had either but I'm just stating what I've heard.
  • Wine and beer are comparable. Red wine seems to be the safest choice as far as calories and carbs. For a comparison, scroll down to the bottom of this link:

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