• get her laid. is she's single? I'll take on for the team!
  • Is this your first mother's day for mom-in-law? Do you love your wife and your marriage? The answer, wild one, is verrrrry simple then--whatever makes her and your wife HAPPY! LOL-but the truth
  • I still consider my ex mother in law to be my mother in law. She sends me money for my birthday and buys me Christmas gifts and so on and so on. I am sending her a card that suits her personality to a "T". I know she will love it because my son will sign it too. If you know what she likes or what she will enjoy..just do it. Whether it be a card or a candle or just something you know that she likes.
  • A lovely card where there is room to write a personal note of don't need to spend a lot of money. A single rose speaks ust as loudly as a dozen.
  • Flowers are always a great option.

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