• i don't think you can.its caused by a strain of the herpes need to treat it as soon as you feel the tingle of a coldsore appearing.
  • besides medication I directly apply ice to the sores (it burns, but is worth it) and they don't come back for a longgg time. also, the sores come back when the lips are irrated, so try to not put something too cold or hot against them, rub them alot, have chapped lips, or kiss an infected person
  • Start kissing someone else.
  • Cold sores cannot be totally prevented once you have contracted the herpes virus that cause them. However, herpes outbreaks (like cold sores) have been shown to be aggrivated by stress to the body. The number of outbreaks you have can be increased by illness (this is why they are nicknamed "cold sores"), stress, dry or chapped lips, etc. Your can try to reduce your number of outbreaks by managing stress and keeping your lips moist. **This MAY reduce your outbreaks, but will not eliminate them**
  • When you feel the tingling of one appearing, take L-Lysine, 3 tablets 3 times a day for several days. It will prevent the blister from forming if you catch it early enough. The virus will be dormant. Lysine is available OTC at major retail outlets in the vitamin section. It is contagoius.

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