• Maybe... though it's not usually recommended to be just one sign apart unless other indicators in the chart are positive. If you have accurate birth time information, you can get a "synastry" chart drawn here: (it's free). re: Which language You will see a link for the English version of the site, near the upper right corner, a little circle with the letters "en" inside. re: belief system? Castrate... I wouldn't call astrology a belief system -- more an advice system -- if your question is motivated by kind hearted curiousity -- then I recommend you read up on Carl Jung's studies on meaning in peoples lives of "coincidence" and synchronicity: If your intent is inflammatory sarcasm -- then check out the AB ToU
  • Mercury is never more than 45degrees away from the sun so highly likely you have that planet in same sign making communications and thinking very compatible. Overtime however Aries will get put off by the over emotionalism and diillusionment of Pisces. Really though you are only speaking of sun signs yet you are all 12 signs just that some are emphasized by having planets in them (sun in aries,Mars in pisces, venus in cancer...get the picture). That's how you determine compatibility.Barnes and Noble have all this info so check where other planets are located for each of you to see how you really relate...Aries
    • Nosmo King
      45 degrees? Mercury is never more than 28 degrees from the Sun. I don't know where you get 45 from. Also, Venus cannot be in Cancer at the same time as the Sun in Aries. How much do you actually know about astrology?
  • I don`t see why not.
  • It's about the best of all adjacent-sign pairings, but that's not saying much. I know one couple of that combination who have been together since 1978 and still are together.
  • That depends entirely on whether or not they're both willing to work at it.
  • My sign is "Stay off the grass". I'm not sure if this is a message about drugs, or what will happen if I don't obey it. But it's freakin' me out man! Hey, ya ever look real close at your hand man? I mean like really look at it? Yea. Wow man... Far out!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      By the way, I don't think you should base your relationship on a dead pseudo-science. If you want deeper insight, look to real sources of knowledge, like spending time together, and being patient and seeing how things develop.

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