• No because i dont give them chance i just say sorry im not interested and if they go on i just say why are you wasting my time and yours,then they usually give up.
  • I never had anyone do that to me.
  • I hate it when jehovahs witnesses come knocking on the door to preach to me, if I cared about religion (which I dont) I wouldnt decide upon it because some moron comes knocking on my door
  • lets see here, i'm agnostic (if i have to be classified as something), i used to go to a christian-based private school, and i hate bible-thumpers. one of my favorite replies to 'em was (if they warned me of hell) "see ya there!"
  • i smile to myself, and then i feel kind of bad for the logical-****-storm they are about to have cast upon them. then... i get socratic on them
  • Ya know, everyone has a right to believe whatever they want to believe. But when someone says that I'm wrong and they are right and I need to convert or go to hell blah...blah...blah...that really pisses me off. Worship however you want, but don't try shoving down the throats of others.
  • I don't allow them to.
  • By the Grace of God, no.
  • Nope. I'm very firm in my Religion and I know what I believe.
  • I used to get irritated with the Jehovah's witnesses that would come to my door. I didn't know for the longest time that my Dad,had gone to a Mormon Church when he was a kid for a little while. But I used to wonder why they kept coming to the door! Just recently my Dad, was telling us more about and this last time after 2 Mormon Men came by. He told them nicely, but firmly that he goes to another kind of Church now and that they can take his name off their address list or what ever! Here's one more story for you. My Grandmother used to get Jehovah's witnesses at her door all the time and all though they couldn't ever convert her. She was often quick to invite them in for a "chat" while she proceeded to tell them all about her Religion and what she believed! LOL! They would then smile and thank her for her time and leave. Trouble was, they kept this up a good while.
  • No more than when politicians bombard you with political information in an effort to get you to convert? or marketing information from businesses... etc
  • I too get very tired of those who do their best to cram their religion down my throat. I am very much a Christian and will offer to tell others but only if they want to hear. I do not talk as those of western Christians do. I tell the truth when I talk but only if someone asks to know.
  • 7-15-2017 Yeah, so, what actually bugs people is being confronted by people who have not studied what they are trying to preach. That is certainly a good reason to refuse to participate. In the 19th century Americans started moving west and three institutions went with them. There was vaudeville, traveling entertainment. There was lyceum, traveling education and culture. And there was the itinerant preacher, offering a new style of preaching called "hell fire and brim stone". It was very entertaining, only loosely based on scripture, and pastors didn't even try to compete. Instead they switched to preaching public morality and philosophy. Eventually an entire generation grew up not knowing the first thing about the religion they claimed to believe. That is why most Christian churches don't teach doctrines, and most members don't know what they are supposed to believe. So yeah, hold out for somebody who actually knows what he is supposed to believe and why. I mean just ask politely "Why do you believe this?"

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