• Organized religion is seeking a greater profit, the welfare of the soul.
  • Religion seems to have better customer loyalty and a better margin.
  • It doesn't seem like there's much of a difference to me. Maybe earlier in history, but not at this time.
  • Money, greed and power are the similarities, the differences would be that one is done "in the name of god", with bible in tow.
  • Big business doesn't spend as much time persecuting it's customer's and alienating various sections of society.
  • One has tax exemptions and the other tax loopholes.
  • The advantage preying/praying on the vulnerabilities of others under the auspices of selfless interest. A business company cannot promise or claim their product can perform miracles. Or heal sickness & disease without providing any medical qualifications or scientific data. Both sectors share the commonality of believing their product is superior to their competition.
  • One implies belief in the super-natural while the other (hopefully) does not.
  • They are both in it for the money but one is to help others by using the money they get & the other is to help them selves with the money they get. By the way great question
  • They both are in business to sell you the degree that you "buy" what they are selling, it is to that degree they succeed. They both think their product is superior to all others..they both want to increase their share of the market. One worships the almighty dollar..the other worships the Almighty! :(
  • Big business is there to make money for its shareholders. Organised religion has no shareholders (much of the work is voluntary), but the proceeds of income are spent on paid staff, rent/mortgages of buildings used, and on the needy and outreach programmes. Big business aims to make a killing on the markets. Organised religion aims to provide life for its family and offer it to those outside. Big business cuts off the weak and poor performers. Organised religion puts an arm around their shoulders and helps them do the best they can. There are similarities, sure, but, in the end, no one lives for or is prepared to die for the head of their business, no matter how dedicated they are. And, in the end, when you are dying, it won't be your business that stands beside you. It will be your church family.

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