• 5 years younger than what you really think. :)
  • 15 to both 5 and 30 years old ladies, metinks!
  • It is really difficult to guess age - it would be like trying to tell the value of a treasure map by its age?
  • tell her some ungodly old age....that will teach her not to ask silly questions.
  • I think I'm too old to legally have this conversation with you.
  • You look 18, are you legal or jail bait?
  • the problem is if you guess wrong you get in trouble, and if you guess get in trouble for telling other people her age. I avoid these questions by saying "you can't possibly be a day older than you are", which is in fact a true statement that says nothing at all.
  • "You look so young, I really can't tell."
  • "I don't know exactly how old you are, but I can absolutely say that you have aged to perfection."
  • OK, so this always works. It's cheesy and cliched, but it always works. Think about how old you honestly think she is. If she's in her 30's, deduct 5-7 years (if you think she's 35, she's 28). If she's in her 40's, deduct 7-9 years. Anything over that, take off 10-12 years. But before you say anything, say "oh man, I HATE when women ask me this question because I always get beat up for being way too honest and good. But I'm not gonna let you stop my perfect record! You are...::insert age and wait for response::. NO WAY, you look amazing!" or, in the odd event that she spent her 20's smoking and drinking 8 hours a day in the sun and you get it dead on, say "I told you I'm good!". Just make your screw up believable and you're good to go, if you tell a 40 year old she looks 29 she'll know your lying. If you tell a 35 year old she looks 29 she'll know your lying, but won't be pissed off.
  • Young enough to still be attractive.
  • Well, if shes asking..she should be prepared for any answer she gets. If she gets offended by any answer..well, then maybe she shouldn't ask! I have always thought it was a bit obnoxious to ask this question and then get offended by the answer.
  • "Are you trying to pick a fight with me?"
  • Somewhere between 40.. and death.
  • An age that ends in 6 that is a decade less than the decade you think she is. For example, if you think that she's in her early forties, say she looks 36.
  • I would tell her she had to be at least as young as that twinkle in her eye when she asked that question. Be as coy as she is, as she is likely on a fishing expedition that no man has ever successfully finished!
  • Sorry hun! Nature calls.., I've got to run!
  • I dont know , why, it doesnt matter your still beautiful to me.
  • My advice? Find a diversion..don't answer it! She is looking for you to lie..she knows how old she looks..what she doesn't know is that she isn't fooling anyone. So I'd say.."you are knows no boundaries..age is a human construct and totally irrelevant..whatever age you are, you are quite lovely and I am happy to be in your company". If that doesn't work then you'd better find someone else because she is fishing for something that is best not offered and she will be relentless in her pursuit and drive you nuts! :(
  • Just blast her with the truth ;)
  • I won't answer that because I am a gentleman.

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