• i was 16 and we flew with twa that doesnt exist anymore.
  • Yes, I remember very well. I was on a flight from L.A. to London and purposely asked for smoking (even though I didn't smoke) because I thought it would keep the noisy kids and crying babies away. WRONG. My seat was in front of two loud IRish women who chain smoked throughout the flight...traveling with their 4 children ranging from 6 mos to 6 yrs. Every cliche you ever heard of was true for this flight. Need I say more?
  • I don't fly very often, but I do remember smoking/non-smoking sections in restaurants.
  • i am old enough to remember seeing used ash trays but i can't remember if people were smoking???
  • The last time I flew was the last time I heard that. That should give some indication of what a in-frequent flyer I am.
  • I remember when I was a kid going to Canada and my dad smoked on the flight. I also remember they use to let people off the plane to smoke at stop overs. They don't do that anymore.
  • Last time I heard that was 1994 flying from Heathrow to SFO. By that time there was no smoking on any domestic flights, but they were still available on international flights.
  • Yes, I can still remember and it was always "non smoking" for me. But sorry I just can't when was the last time.

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