• Picked them up, thrown them at friends, eaten them, the list continues. From what I remember last time I did this they taste similar to a first snow.
  • Yes I have touched them before but never had the urge to eat them though.
  • I've touched many of them, but never wanted to eat one.
  • I don't like to touch them, but they're delicious w/ a light Bernaise sauce! ;-)
  • i got pelted by them last summer. we had a hail storm here where i live. they were the size of golf balls. they did a lot of damage to the city i live in. almost every house in town needed new siding and windows. alot of the cars were damaged and the insurance company was totaling alot of them. my wife had just gotten a new van about 2 months before the storm and the insurance company totaled her van. my truck got a busted windshild and dents all over it but it was under a tree and didnt get as much as most of the other cars in town.
  • My word. We have had some as big as golf balls, and it is so tempting to pop a nice one that has landed on the clean lawn into your mouth. We even put some in the freezer once, so we could show people how big they were.
  • I have tried catching them in my palm, it melts faster on your hand and so in your mouth and it was tastless. Actually, I was told it has healing properties. I really like catching them, and eating them. When I was a child, I remember my father filling them in a bottle and giving it to us to drink.

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