• Myspace is pointless really... I have an account and i dont even use the damn thing, im more on facebook.
  • 1. +Myspace is great for what it was secondarily created for; social networking. (First was primarily for the music) It's easy to connect, share, and promote things to/with friends. 2. -Myspace is addicting. You can find youself recreating your inevitably human selfishness in customizing everything that is branched out about yourself. If you know you have weak moral standards, you would probably know better than to make one and get carried away with it. (After all, it's not impossible staying in touch with friends in person) 3. +As for the primary reason, Myspace is a great way to stay in the know about music. Whether it's looking at other people's profiles and hearing/hearing about new music from there or searching for yourself in the music section, there's always going to be a new song you'll want to put in your playlist. 4. -/+Your personal myspace will stand up for your identity with the credibily you put into your profile/images, breaking down any false profiles that pretend to be you (if there are any). However, along with the annoyance of becoming secretly addicted to it, you may find yourself wondering if you got any new messages/comments/blog responses and things for you in the meantime you aren't on it (urging you to possibly check up on it later during the day) 5. +/-Myspace is fun=] In a way . . . You'll find yourself wanting to change your profile layout every now and then, or if you're self conscious about making the absolute most PERFECT image of you online, editting your About Me whenever you feel like presenting yourself/profile differently. (This sucks for moody, unstable, self-conscious people) 6. +Keeps you on your standing point on HTML. (*shrugs* 'dunno how important that is in general, but it's certainly not a bad thing to know) 7. -Cliche. You WILL be judged-guaranteed. 'hope this helped
  • Ehh, myspace is great for communicating with friends [since all my friends have one]. But, it's kind of pointless. =] [I also think its cool that my favorite bands have myspaces!]
  • Everytime I go on there my Symantic tells me that someones trying to attack or screw up my computer somehow. I don't get it on here or other sites, just when I visit myspace. The other day I was on there for five minutes and got 4 warnings about a possible attack. Same location numbers all 4 times.

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