• Yeah. Most of us want to see themselves as victims. By being the victim, they don't have to do anything about it so its an easier option. Fact is that when you start seeing yourself as a victim you lose all the control over yourself.
  • As with many things, it depends on the situation.
  • OUCH!!
  • yes. ive jus got out of a 6 year relationship with someone like that.
  • Hi PP, I don't think they're weak or immature but I do think they're insecure and lacking confidence. I think they're just a little afraid to let their guard down in case they get to feeling down trodden or inferior to others around them.
  • I think whoever feels a need to blow his/her own horn about anything is very insecure..what this person is saying is this.."look at me,look at me..I'm special". If they believed they were good enough, they wouldn't need to blow their own horn. So yes, I think such a person doesn't feel good about him/herself and feels a great need to keep repeating to anyone who will listen "I am good, I am o.k. , I am loved, people like me!" Kinda pathetic, actually. Music played by others on your behalf is much sweeter than any music you play for yourself! :) ((hugs))
  • If someone is tough, cool and uncaring it is often a reflection of the environment they grew up in. Being viewed as weak, insecure, and immature are indications of a different environment.
  • yes i do.. it's kind of like the people who make a big deal about leaving answerbag and then you notice they are on here 24/7..
  • Most of the time, yes...
  • I think it may be the case in some situations, but you can't assume everyone is like that. People all have their own paths and obstacles and struggles, and to assume generalities as fact is naive.
  • They're either hiding something or in denial ... or BOTH!
  • Absolutely!!! If you are tough, cool, and uncaring, you don't have to tell anyone...everyone would just know. Someone who is constantly telling everyone how great, cool, or whatever they are, is trying to convince themselves that they are all those things.
  • Well, if I wasn't so tough, cool and uncaring I might answer this question :D
  • It could be what you say, or that person could just be an arrogant asshole.
  • I have a story that relates to this. I used to know this guy that used to run around telling everyone he was this ultimate bad ass that could beat anyones ass. He was a prick and we all called him Douchey Laruu behind his back. He would always brag about how he could beat up anyone any day of the week. I had a friend that trained in MMA a lot. We all knew he was a bad ass, but he never talked about it. He didn't brag. Well one day Douchey Laruu gets hoped up on some kick and gets right in the face of my MMA trained friend. My friend told him several times that he didn't want to fight him and to just calm down. Douchey Laruu threw a punch, missed horriably and got knocked out shortly thereafter. My friend just backed off and walked away after that. Douchey Laruu stopped bragging so much. Because the truth was, that Douchy Laruu really had never been in a fight. My point is, that a real tough guy doesn't have to brag about how cool and tough he is because he doesn't need to validate that to anyone.
  • I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, but if your saying a person tells another untrue things about the person, (saying who they are, what they're like) and that they says these things to others because that what they are, I believe in that. An example would be someone keeps saying I'm negative, she is the only person who says it, meaning she herself is negative and projecting it onto me. I know my answer is kind of a tounge twister, but hope it helps. :/
  • Someone like that is afraid of rejection. Have some sympathy for them.
  • In a word.."yes".
  • Maybe - or they could just be amoral self involved assholes too - it depends. There's no such thing as a "one size fits all" answer to this question - all people are different.
  • Not always! ;-)

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