• Sorry parents happened.
  • People are still nice here in Canada.
  • We are still pretty nice here in the midwest, but I agree with you that overall, people have become selfish in a ME society. I hate it. I talk to everyone, even in stores when I'm shopping alone. My husband hates that I'm so "Friendly" but I don't see anything wrong with it. In fact, I usually end up learning a thing or two from strangers! People are so self-consumed, that's the bottom line. It's very sad.
  • lol yeah i know what you maen, but what can you do justtry not to turn into them. Just because they are rude don't be rude aswell, as you know how it feels xx
  • Honestly, I think it started with the breakdown of the family unit. Both parents working full time to make ends meet, latch-key kids coming home to an empty house, busier schedules, etc. I don't think enough "family" time occurs anymore in order to talk, teach and learn from each other.
  • This question truelly sums up society these days. I try to be nice to everyone without letting ppl walk all over me. It's hard, luckily there are some nice ppl left you just might have to dig a little deeper. I am trying to make sure my kids don't turn out this way. I think a lot of the time kids a spoiled and the parents would rather be lazy and their friend than their parent and mentor. We HAVE to teach our kids how to behave and how to respect other ppl or by the time I have grandkids they are going to push me out a moving car. You shape the minds of your children, there may be other obsticals, but that is where you also teach morals and value so hopefully they can apply it to their everday lives. Here's a hug to all the nice ppl still left in this hateful country. :)
  • This is no excuse, but I think lots of people have such busy lives and are so stressed that they tend to be rude.
  • I think we're all basically self absorbed, which, when combined with the anonymity of our living conditions, leaves us in a postion of feeling out of touch with the people around us. I think that we're generally not intentionally rude, it just works out that way. I also think that people who make an effort to be polite lead much more fulfilled connected lives.
  • There are always some people who are just predatory. Those people mistake kindness for weakness. They generally live life with a chip on their shoulder, and everything is vaguley threatening to them. They cannot interpret your kindness the way that a "normal" person would, because the way their belief system is structure EVERYBODY is ALWAYS on the hustle. My advice? Cut those people out of your life as much as possible. If you still have to deal with them, always remember, that they are basically damaged, and keep a sharp eye. These are the same types who believe that being an asshole or a bitch communicates strength. Living in that belief system is basically a dailly war. Those people do not trust and cannot be trusted. If you think I'm making this bigger than it is, let me tell you something I've learned. You can always measure a person by the way they treat their belongings, money, and the opposite sex. If they don't show respect for their things, they won't respect yours. If they don't respect the opposite sex, they don't respect people, and if they can't handle their money, they do not respect the law of cause and effect. If you see someone who treats another person like shit, avoid them, cuz it's just a matter of time till they turn their sights on you. Those people have their reward.
  • The 80's.
  • Why? Well, I see a lot of parents excusing their children's bad behaviour and bad attitudes, so it doesn't surprise me when I see rudeness. I have probably been rude myself, so I shouldn't really point the finger at others, either.
  • Im not rude.. But i dont know whats up with all the rude people. Maybe its Global Warming! lol
  • I WOULDN'T KNOW... WHAT MAKES YOU ASK THIS TYPE OF QUESTION? ... WHO DIED AND LEFT YOU IN CHARGE? GEEZE! (jkg) I think it's just that many of the kids (and adults) these days grew up with two working parents (if BOTH were there), and did not have the role-models we did when WE grew up. There's also the "falling off" of going to church, teachers are forced to teach their subjects and don't have time to teach manners (which should be the parents' job, anyway), TV shows/movies/video games where being rude is the norm and actually rewarded, etc.

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