• You should get exercise and pack on muscles.
  • Usually easy bruising is caused by a lack of Iron. What I would suggest is a multivitamin or Iron pill....alo it is a possibilty that you may be anemic(which means you simply have a natural lack of Iron in your blood) in this situation visit a doctor and they can give you medicine to help this not worry anemia is very common I have known two people with it and it did not interfere with thier lives much...good luck
  • By 'bruise' do you mean that you get black-and-blue marks easily ? if yes you may need to check your blood level with your doctor. a tendency to develop these bruises easily may suggest that you have a low amount of red blood cells (in some cases this is called anemia). this is caused by lack of iron, vit B-12, and folic acid. If by 'bruise' you mean that you 'scrape' your skin because you bump into things .. well .. you should be a bit more carefull ey !
  • You might have a diet that is not helping your body produce enough iron. Carbonated sodas act as iron blockers, as does tannic acid in teas. Vitamin C enhances iron absorption, so drink juices, or add juice to water daily for flavor and less calories, and take a supplement.
  • Arnica
  • Usually vit.c, vit. e, iron are all indicated if you bruise too easily. I have one other thing. If I don't eat enough or on time, I will find a bruise immediately, so don't delay eating if you are hungry and make sure you eat enough at the meal or a little extra and see if it helps.
  • I had the same problem, heard all the same answers, and tried all the same remedies suggested above, to no avail. Then I discovered the problem: aspirin. Aspirin, ibuprofen and all of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as Anaprox or Piroxicam, thin the blood. The result, for some people, is very easy bruising. As soon as I stopped taking the baby aspirin my doctor had recommended as a precaution against heart disease, my bruising stopped. Simple as that. Other blood-thinners include ginkgo and Vitamin E (both of which I was also taking!). That's why surgeons tell their patients to stop taking these drugs one week before any surgery. Hope this helps solve your problem like it did for me!

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