• I think they know something about keeping things in perspective, realizing that things can always be worse, and also that getting upset doesn't help any situation to come to a good resolution! :)
  • They probably vent all of their anger on their genitals.
  • I can't say that I have ever really known anybody like that. If you stay around someone long enough you will see them get upset over something. Believe me!
  • I'm similar to the person in your question, don't get upset very often. However it doesn't mean that I'm not sensitive, it just means that I like to keep my emotions to myself!
  • I don't normally get upset, but if people don't listen, I WILL go off on them
  • Most people get upset about something once in a while.. You may not see it but they do...
  • everyones bowt to get upset about something in there life if you love someone reli bad and they breck your heart u will be reli upset so thats my point of view....****
  • I think their doctors should stop prescribing sedatives for them before they turn into complete zombies.
  • wish i was them
  • PLASTIC!!!!
  • As the song goes... they used to care but "Things Have Changed".
  • i like myself just fine thanks for asking and blessings always
  • Well I think I'm one of the people you're referring to. People think I'm such a chill person and they can be totally honest about stuff and I won't get mad. Honestly I do get mad, but I just realize that yelling or making the other person feel bad will not help the situation. If someone did somthing, it can't be undone and if they've owned up to it they have balls and I can respect that. If they lied about it and I found out some other way than them owning up to it then being all huffy about it won't change it. I just note the fact that they are a liar and that I shouldn't trust them very much in the future and get over it. And I think all the shit I've been through in my life has greatly contributed to this attitude. I'll suffice to say that it's a typical tale of a neglectful druggie mother and a really creepy stepdad. Things don't bother me so much after that stuff I mean it's not like they (insert terrible thing done by parent here) me. It's not nearly as bad as that so get over it, it could be a lot worse.
  • I think they hide it well. There is something that will upset anyone. Some of us are better at hiding our frustration than others.
  • They are very cool people.
  • They are probably either catatonic, comatose, or zombed out on medications or possibly, they have just given up.
  • I wish I could be that person and never get upset about anything at all, I believe they do ,but doesnt show it like some people do
  • I'm like that to a degree. I do sometimes start getting upset and then "unplug" and am fine. Life is too short to be giving control to others over how you feel. I've taken the control back. Life is much more pleasant without the obsessing and constant analysis over people and their personalities.
  • They know how to avoid acting out, either by nature or experience. It may be that their life will be shortened by bottling things up inside, unless they have also learned the method for surrendering their feelings to enlightenment.
  • I think they have a mental issue.
  • I think people who "never" get upset are on some type of medications. I believe everyone gets upset...we all choose to deal with it differently. Some are explosive, some re-direct the energy and turn it into something positive and some just internalize it and never show their anger to others.
  • They're robots.
  • they are enlightened. They are able to accept things and let them go.
  • You mean like crying and stuff? If so, I would rarely get upset. Would take something huge to get me that way, even the passing of my father-in-law, who was a really great guy, didn't cause my tears to well. Anyway, would think nothing of someone like that. Some of us know how to contain certain emotions, lock them away, and keep them in check.
  • i would think theyre good at hiding it
  • Everyone gets upset - it is part of being human. There are some people who rarely get upset. They know how to control their thoughts, emotions and opinions, and therefore, they are able to "focus" before reacting in a negative manner.
  • Maybe they are upset inside themselves but don’t show it on the outside. I think people like this like to hide their real emotions from others. It’s very natural to show emotions which some people have a problem with. The person hiding how they really feel may have been wronged or mistreated in some way.

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