• faulty wiring?
  • Besides the obvious, Casper, it could be a short in the wiring, squirrels chewing the wiring.
  • Most likely it is in the switch for the lamp. I had one that exhibited similar behavior. Replacing the switch/socket unit did the trick.
  • maybe try plugging it in somewhere on a different circuit and see if it does the same thing. Then you can rule out the house wiring and be pretty sure it's the lamp itself. Loose connection inside. I have a lightbulb in my basement staircase that, every now and then, turns off and then I wiggle the fixture a bit and it's fine for another few weeks or so. Yes, too lazt to get up the ladder and fix it.
  • It could be (1) the light bulb is loose; (2) a wire in the light socket is loose; (3) a wire at the switch is loose; (4) the light bulb filament is broken but making intermittent contact. It's easy to check 1 & 4 by firmly screwing in a new bulb. 2 & 3 are faulty wiring -- a condition known as an INTERMITTENT, not a SHORT. If you can turn off power at the circuit breaker, you can safely inspect & repair the wiring connections. Also (5) if it's plugged into an outlet: The outlet contacts might be loose. Replace the outlet. Save your money for an electrician -- not GhostBusters!
  • 9-9-2017 The lamp has a capacitive sensor that switches the power level to the bulb when you touch it. It's hard to figure that out even when you know about touch sensors.
  • maybe you have a ghost in your house

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