• My s/o suffers from anxiety, and occasionally panic attacks. And those are a couple of symptoms that she's described having.
  • Yes, it can. SEE A PSYCHOLOGIST. Make an appointment tomorrow. You've asked a lot of questions, and I think you could benefit from seeing someone.
  • Yes, those are fairly classic signs of anxiety/panic. If it's chest pain, perhaps with pain radiating down your arm, then it could be a heart problem. But the chest tightness is a fairly common anxiety and/or panic symptom.
  • yes :)
  • I also suffer from this. I am 21 and just 6 months away from graduating. I'm very worried about life after college, jobs, repaying student loans, health insurance, and the works. I know my pain/symptoms is caused from stress/anxiety. I know this because I have just about everything in the book lately and I am still living. Mine has manifested itself in pain and hypochondria. I'm not kidding. Over the last year I have survived (in my mind) the following: Colon cancer mouth cancer lung cancer throat cancer (still have this, will probably die within a few months of it) thyroid cancer brain cancer Leukemia MS water in lungs glaucoma (I actually convinced myself of this so much I started walking around the house with my eyes closed practicing for being blind) heart attack (from 100% blocked coronary arteries) gallbladder infection IBS RH ...and probably more that I have forgotten about The sad thing for me is that is no joke. I have really convinced myself 100% that I have had all those...Most of the I convinced myself it would kill me. I have been on my death bed (at the age of 21) about 30 times. Right now I have this weird feeling in my throat, which of course is cancer. Its closing my airways and I will die of suffocation from my throat swelling prior to the cancer getting me. I also have chest pain which, my doctor says, is from costochondritis because it is tender to the touch. Of course I know there is an underlaying heart problem behind that pain (despite the ultrasound and two EKG's I have had that say otherwise). I know I sound silly, and it probably looks like to most people, and even me, that I am making this all up....But its 100% real to me. When I sit back and think about it I know its not real and I am fine, just stressed and full of anxiety. The real problem is I am getting so afraid of going anywhere, including school, because of my symptoms. Oh, and by the way, this all started with my first panic attack about 4 months ago. I haven't had an attack as bad as that first one since then, but I do get myself so nervous thinking I am dying from one of those diseases I listed above that I get really hot and feel faint, and my heart will start to race. I hope you don't get as bad as me, but you are right, its probably just stress/anxiety. I tell you one thing, it feels good, at least to me, just to talk/write about my issues.
  • I feel a tight felling and almost like my heart beat that takes my breath away for a split deco d this will repeat it self for a while

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