• Do you mean the "economic stimulus" checks, which will do next to nothing to stimulate the economy? May 2008. These checks are not a credit toward your 2009 taxes, but "cash" that you can do whatever you like with. The government is hoping you will spend this money, but 90%+ of the people I talk to need it for bills. If you mean your tax refund, it depends on when you sent in your tax return.
  • The date you receive your 'incentive package refund' is dependent on the LAST 2 digits of your social security number. The schedules for direct deposit or refunds by mail are listed at this link:,,id=180250,00.html Click on image below to enlarge ... this was captured from the website link. Full schedule is here.
  • Refund checks will come based on when you mailed your taxes in. The stimulus checks have already started going out. The mailings (or direct deposits) are based on the last two digits of the social security number of the primary name on your income tax forms.
  • Stim. packs come out now. Direct depositors receive it first, and it's according to the last two digits on your SSN. Larger number receives it later in month or beginning of next. Hopefully it comes in time before the oil man comes back to suck out the fuel he put in my tank. lol
  • The check was suppose to be based on when you filed your taxes AND the last two numbers of your SS#.

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