• supply and demand. not enough ink, lots of printers. lots of businesses. not as many people making ink.
  • I want to know the same thing!! I went to go get some, and thought.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! They were out, but I stilll need some... Anyone know where it is cheap?
  • Same reason gas is so highly priced - people aren't going to "just do without". If the people will pay it, the company will charge it.
  • It's to pad the pockets of executives of computer companies. A few ways to cut costs are as followed: Reduce, reuse Shop for deals and returns Try refills Put four images on one page for draft work Use all the ink :)
  • Demand is high and there are relatively few printer-ink manufacturers.
  • I know... : P Don't know the exact causes. The hardware (the Printer itself) is relatively cheap compared to what ink cartridges cost. Somebody told me that's where the manufacturing companies make their biggest profit. Here's some advice from PC World:,10575-page,1/article.html
  • Don't get me wrong. They are overpriced, but here are a couple of "reasons": - To make up the cost for selling printers dirt-cheap. You get the printer for next to nothing, but they make up for it in ink costs. - Ink cartridges are relatively high-tech. Some have micro-chips, ink level sensors, etc.
  • because they have to milk squids to get the ink and the HP squids are the hardest to breed and raise.
  • It's insane. I've gone to the refill kits. Far, far cheaper than just getting a new cartridge. Now that my kids are older than 10 though and don't print anything they look at I'm not going through them like water but at $35 or so a pop I still don't want to pay it.
  • They don't have to make a profit on the printers. They are just a means to get you buying cartriges, where the real money is. Compare the weight of an empty one with a full one. Feels like it holds about a dessert spoon full of ink. How can this tiny inkwell cost $40? Are there diamonds inside? Well, just try and make one yourself without investing a few tens of millions in R&D, manufacturing plant and distribution networks. Best of luck.

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