• I am. That's why I don't believe in it.
  • Absolutely no offence intended, just asking: why is any "belief" necessary at all?
  • not exactly. i just know i disagree with a lot of it, but i think since i know i don't believe in it, i'll let others believe the way they want as long as i don't get harrassed for it
  • It is a book written in the Middle East. How about believing in a book written in China.
  • I think religion is a very personal read the bible..belong to a church if you so choose..and interpret it for yourself...if your heart is open...God will speak to you
  • I don't understrand it in its entirety, but I believe it.
  • Do what I do. Read it and if someone says something questionable, look into it. It's not that complicated.
  • I think that if we took the time to get our head out of our butt we would realize that we complicate things further than they ever need to be coomplicated. The bible is just one example. So many controversies of what one phrase would mean. Someone broke the bible into verses so that it would be easier to navigate.. now people take verses OUT OF CONTEXT and use them in debates and arguements. If you are confused about something.. just take the time to read it yourself.. and the verses around it, etc. Im still in a limbo of what I beleive. But its not confusion.. just doubt. ~+~
  • Each religious group using the Bible as its holy book will interpret the words in such a way as to justify their religious is a natural consequence of imperfect man trying to understand the words written down by other imperfect men very long ago. It would surprise me or even astonish me if there were one interpretation with which all religious groups agree! :)
  • I say read the Bible your self, and if there things you do not understand ask a preacher who you know that is honest and a true Christain and talk to them about it.
  • I wouldn't call it confusion so much as a journey of self discovery. Whether we admit it or not, we all have beliefs (religious or not) that define who we are and how we act. I respect all interpretations because who's to say that only one is correct? Interpretation is subject to man's understanding and retelling. Just as we ended up with multiple languages to convey the same meaning, it's possible we ended up with multiple religions for what was once intended to be the same meaning.
  • I recommend not believing anything. What is belief, but a way to putty over the cracks in our knowledge.... those areas where we just don't know? Not knowing is not a problem, unless it's something like "I don't know where my car keys are!". That's trouble. But ORDINARY not knowing, about things that don't affect our ability to function, contribute, and be satisfied, is not a crippling disease. I don't know if Neil Armstrong really landed on the moon, or if it was all set in a sound stage. I tend to favor the former, because it seems more plausible. But it would be absurd for me to start going door-to-door among my neighbors and hand out leaflets trying to convince them one way or the other about poor Neil. Either he landed on the moon, or he didn't. It's interesting, but not terribly significant. Nothing that happened thousands of years ago requires my belief one way or the other. If I don't know something, I'm completely comfortable with saying "I don't know", and leaving it at that. If it's a topic I find interesting, I may research it. But to simply adopt a belief and cling to it is the opposite of what "truth seeking" is all about. It's covering over the cracks with putty ... that doesn't make the crack go away, it just produces the illusion of certainty.
  • Everybody is wrong. The Bible can be interpret, provide you discern what the writers are talking about. I will explain it. The Bible was writing in using of allegories, a literal discurs that is so difficult for you to figure out the main discurs you have behind the double sense of the words the writers used. But, lamentably men ignore what the writers are talking about and not matter what you know of the literal figure, you will never believe about it. Why? Because you believe in a religion fiction and you will never accept the truth behind the belief of faith you have. Since you ignore the Judaism and the Christianity has been deceiving the entire mankind to believe in false promise of salvation. Why? Because men were deceived to be waiting for false Messiah of Jews in ignoring this man is the Envoy of Constructor of Great Pyramid.
  • The U.S. founding fathers didn't just leave a constitution and say "everyone figure it out on your own." They established a justice system to apply, enforce, and interpret it. The same holds true with the divine constitution. Jesus founded a Church to preach the gospel, instruct the faithful, and with His assurance that "the gates of hades shall not prevail against it" correctly interpret His teachings. The question is then, which church is it that He founded?
  • imagine a large circle imagine several people standing within the circle facing different directions seeing different things imagine the circle to be Truth where one stands within the circle of Truth where one looks within the circle of Truth determines what aspect of Truth one sees. where lies confusion if ALL one sees is Truth? why consume the entire buffet when a chicken leg will suffice?
  • Nope. It's fiction.
  • Mark Twain once said "It ain't the parts of the Bible that I can't understand that bother me, it is the parts that I do understand." There are really very few things that cannot be worked out by taking literally what the Bible says. For those parts that do cause trouble, you go to a reputable Bible Commentary. (You can ask me if you want to know something. I'll give it a go. Pastor's wife. Don't worry about the denomination. I've worked in several, and with most. Don't have many problems with most.)
  • No. It takes some time, but you are going to know what you want to believe (or not) one day. Just follow your heart and your common sense. Just stay with both feet on the ground and don't bother too much about this. Other people believe other things, it may not even be the Bible. And some do not want to believe anything, and live quite good with it too.
  • nope when i hear interpretations of the bible i think to myself BLAH BLAH BLAH
  • Absolutely. The wonderful thing about the bible is that it is definetly a wonderful text to help guide our own spirtual lives as any other ancient text. My belief it is one of words of God. How can you put he or she in a box. One thing I do is I meditate on the subject then I turn to the part of the bible I know pertains to the issue that I am dealing with. Then I read the scripture (Usually I read the whole chapter because I think it is important to read the whole context of which something is written.) Then I ask myself how this pertains to my situation. Then I usually have a few choices to make, I become calm, execute these issues then move forward. So to sum up your question in which I have a lot. Am I confused by others interpertation. ABSOLUTELY! As I am sure they are confused by mine.
  • Don't worry about anyone else's interpretation. You have to really study it for yourself!
  • Believe what you believe in. Find a church and a minister/priest that fits who you are. If you live your life fir and good then you will be fine.
  • Yes, but there is a way to clear up the confusion: That free resource will explain why there is so much confusion about Bible Interpretation. It's an excellent read... entertaining, it's new, and it's free! That book sorts out all this "Bible confusion" Thanks for the honest question.
  • Step one. Forget everything you've ever been told. Step two. Start on page one and read the whole thing, even if you only read one page per day. There's no rush and you will get there eventually. Step three. Once you get to the end, start again. Again, no rush. You don't have to start again straight away, have a break now that you've read it once. Feel free to take notes. This technique won't explain everything but it will certainly clear up most problems you have, and in most cases you'll be the expert for a change. The main messages will now all be clear. Sorting out all the minor details will probably require you to go to Bible college, study ancient Hebrew, history etc.

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