• we like women that will make us good food =]
  • In my opinion IT IS TRUE! as you might well have thought I do have curves and Im proud of it :-)
  • Everyone to their own I suppose. Some people obviously like stick thin girls, take David Beckham for example. Then others prefer the curvier figure.
  • Hmmm... I'm a guy... I like curves... Can't tell you about any others.
  • I think most men do like women with curves. Curvaceous bodies are very feminine, and the 'hour-glass shape' is still considered pretty ideal. Sure, there are some men who may prefer very thin women, but they're in the minority, as are men who prefer very big women. Having curves isn't the same as being fat.
  • Every [straight] guy I've ever met likes their woman to have curves, so I would say that it is really true.
  • I would say the ideal women, the ones the men chose themselves, were the 1940's swimsuit girls that were painted onto the WWII aircraft. Those were the women chosen by men who knew they might die the next day. And they certainly were not matchsticks - they *filled* their swimsuits.
  • I'm more attracted to curvy women
  • It is true. They have proved that men prefer this because it makes the woman looking like she could produce more children so more of his genes will get passed on.
  • I LOVE curves... and oh yeah, I'm a guy.
  • Curves are good.............I don't need a woman who reminds me of Michael Jackson when I'm trying to be intimate.
  • I've said it a billion times: I LOVE WOMEN WITH CURVES! I like having something to hold onto. Not super skinny where I feel I can break her if I hug her, and not super big where I fear for her health.
  • I sure do! I'm very attracted to massively voluptuous women. :) I guess a couple of examples would be Queen Latifah and Jennifer Hudson. :)
  • It's really true. At least for me.
  • Well I have a twin brother, and he likes really skinny girls and I cant even look at girls like that! I love a woman with shape and curves in all the right places! Every1 has their own opinion!
  • Although every man has their own tastes, I'd say that a good hefty majority of men love those curves. I'm curvy - hispanic, love my hips! - and I'm always getting compliments. I feel sexy as heck! women are SUPPOSED to have curves - it is the ultimate expression of being a woman - curvy breasts for feeding our children, wide hips for bearing them. Centuries ago, the importance of a womans curves was of the highest significance - and men still know deep down that those curves are important - and sexy! Besides - have you EVER seen a beautiful, classic work of art with a twig-skinny woman in it? Uh, no!
  • I think curves are great. otherwise, a women without curves looks like boys...and I am not into that. but some guys are, not that there is anything wrong with that.
  • With out a doubt in my mind
  • curves are great.. but i like girls with a little meat on her bones
  • It's really true for around ninety percent of the men I know, including me. Women with the bodies of eleven year old boys don't do it for me really.
  • We all have curves. They simply are preferable in the right places.
  • Curves good yo...:)=(

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