• I have taken some of these steps as I have advanced up so many levels lately. 1. I try to post questions that can be both amusing and informative at the same time. 2. I am more considerate to newbies and add many of them to my friends' list and I try to set a good example for them. 3. I like to do more posi-trolling and help many people become Sages and Maestros and beyond. 4. I like to uprate Q & A that I see was downrated for no reason at all.
  • Nothing specific.Just ask better questions, give better responses and thats it:)
  • I'm such a flirt and I have to cut back on it to my
  • Celebrating Sagehood by giving away more points!
  • not making friend requests anymore. I still accept them tho.
  • I am still very new on this site, but some wonderful people have helped me a lot. Never the less I: 1] Try to up rate any Q or A when unfairly down rated. 2] Try to help those in despair. 3] Try to answer all unanswered questions as possible. Not much just my two cents. Regards.
  • .. by not succumbing to the pettiness of trolls and haters.
  • None... I'm perfect.
  • I don't care enough about AB to think that I need to make huge changes to "improve" myself. I am who I am - people either like the way I participate here, or they don't. As long as I am not hurting people nor engaging in petty disputes with other users, I'm not worried.
  • I am reading the Bible through again this year so that I will have more interesting questions and answers to share. :)
  • I'm trying to be more sensitive when I'm trying to be funny. For instance I was going to leave a comment about jumping off a bridge( which would have been a funny answer to the question ) but then thought what if someone lost a loved one that way so I changed my answer. I try to take all things in consideration before putting down my answer. And when I see someone is trying to push my buttons, I am learning to walk away.
  • Absolutely none :)
  • Psh, no...
  • I'm trying to not be as sensitive, although I know trolls and the like shouldn't bother me, it does. I have turned off my ratings notifications though, so that's a step in the right direction at least.
  • I try to avoid stupid questions, and I am putting more thought into my questions and answers.
  • None - sorry!
  • TO THINK BEFORE I TYPE! as sometimes I reread my answer and it is either not to the point or I get misunderstood sometimes... :-(
  • -put more thought into my Q&A -post Q&A that is either amusing or informative -not type what I really think when someone is being verbally abusive. I'm not stooping to their level -postitroll those who are unfairly trolled -always support my AB friends -ignore and don't worry about the petty trolls. they aren't worth it
  • Hmmm...I actually never thought of this! Any suggestions, TROLL?
  • I could probably improve myself by leaving the wonderful world of AB behind.
  • For one, I will try not to accidentally hit the submit button before I have finished completing a question that I've asked. I don't like seeing the same question. One completed and the other not! So, I'm going to become better at that too. Another thing is I will try to do better at editing. LOL! I think in one of them I still had George Strait on my mind. Because I had wrote the name Strait, Instead of the word "straight" oh well no one can be perfect.
  • I am just trying to stay as thoughtful, genuine, and resourceful as possible to help others and to respect the fact that I have some great new people in my life.
  • I post less offensive questions. I have the habbit of writing back comments.

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