• If the world were perfect we wouldn't. Unfortunately that is the case. I would rather have borders than have weirdos coming into my country to blow stuff up all the time because we didn't have any. Getting rid of borders completely would eliminate the independence of any nation that is not an island. That wouldn't go over well with most people.
  • I think so. Boarding school can be a fun experience, as well as giving children whose parents don't have a lot of time for them a safe and nurturing environment.
  • If you're having trouble with your mortgage, boarders could be a solution.
  • Both sides of what? What is the issue?
  • Boarders provide an economical way to add income to a household. Larger households, especially homesteads and those that are inhabited only be a few people, are wasting space. Put rooms up for board mean that leases don't need to be signed, and provides a more casual and friendly environment than leasing/renting. On the flip side, boarders arrive without background checks or recommendation from a real estate agent. This can be dangerous for obvious reasons. Because of the stigma associated with drifters and swaggies, scruffy or unkempt boarders may be turned away out of prejudice, without any legal recourse.
  • If you have an extra room in your house, renting to a boarder is a good way to make a little extra money. And if you're single and just starting out and don't have much stuff, renting a furnished room is cheaper than renting an apartment.
  • At the present time, I think the answer is yes, but I hope there will be a time in the not too distant future when borders will be unnecessary.
  • Obviously someone thinks so, and they have thought so for millennia:-( True story. A couple owned a house that straddled two states. They paid different taxes for each part of their house. Then one day, the man died. Unfortunately, he died on the border of the two states. Did you know that they had to determine which part of his body was responsible for his death before one or the other state would take responsibility for his care! They left his wife there stressing out in grief while they argued who would do what in which state!!! And that is just INSIDE this country:-(
  • Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too Imagine all the people Living life in peace... You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us And the world will be as one John Lennon
  • If one needs to get additional income from renting rooms in their house, boarders come in handy. That would depend on your personal situation. You weren't by any chance talking about country BORDERS, were you? That's a completely different question. [And people say employing correct spelling isn't important!]
  • ok, now that we've established that you meant to ask about Borders - then I have no concept of a world without borders. No countries then? One Uniworld? How would that work? Who would make up the rules? Sounds chaotic to me. Something that only works on Star Trek.
  • I have mixed feelings about it, honestly... I don't know how to solve the educational budget problems, but I also cannot turn people away from health care and prosperity. I'm sure there will plenty of opinions from people who think they have the answers, but I have been on the other side of the border and I have seen how PEOPLE are forced to live. I tell you right now, if I were born that side of the border to the US (meaning Mexico), I would do whatever I could to immigrate.
  • Well ... if there are borders in one place I suppose if you go along with that 'thinking' then we would need them in ALL places. Guess we a-better put them up between, say, Indiana and Illinois, eh? Heck, 'no borders' aren't working there, right? OH WAIT! I KNOW!!! I'll check 'your papers' if you 'check mine?' OH, I GOT IT! = IF we have borders between [whatever] we a-better start thinkin' 'bout putting up borders ... BETWEEN BLOCKS!! (My block is better than your block?!) YEAH, that'll work, alright! RIGHT?????????? Okay ... I've been doing that silly-o-me stuff again ... thinking about that crazy idea of 'world peace' and how to accomplish it, even here in the U.S. Borders or no, change happens: just think back to the hysteria over "The JAPANESE ... are crossing the borders!' NO, WAIT! Its ... Its ... Its ... 'It's those gull darned white, 'funny talkin' folks from ITALY ... no, POLAND ... no, Yugoslavia ... no, IRELAND!!!!! "'THEY' ... are taking argggggghhhhh .... OVER!!" (Or, "...they WILL take ... argggghhhhh ... OVER!!!") No. That proverbial bit of unjust thinking never happens. We are NOT a melting pot. I like to celebrate that we (as a nation) are a SALAD BOWL! You get my drift now? See, my deal is this: FEAR gets no one no where ... ever. Fear creates myopic, narcissistic, arrogant racism and creates horrific, never-ending separatism. We can go ahead and 'blame' other people ... other countries ... for their myopia and prejudice as long as we, as a nation of responsible individuals, see ourselves as equally globally stuck in this 'us vs. them' quagmire. I will never give up my own little-life's mission and vision: I believe we are ALL one people ... one world!

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