• cover your ears, that may work but im not too sure. i have never taken an aeroplane before
  • Try chewing some gum
  • get distracted
  • ok i had a really awful experience with this about one month ago when one ear didnt pop for two days! it was horrible, aparently if you have any kind of cold it can make it really hard for your ears to pop. Its all about relieving pressure in your middle ear. You can squeeze you nose and with a closed mouth blow air to try to pop your ears but please do this very "gently"... if it doesnt work doing it gently leave it, it does not always work (it didnt with me and you can damage your ear if you do it too hard). Sucking sweets and swallowing can change pressure in the middle ear aswell. Also taking a decongestent before you fly (and land if a long flight) may help. I am not sure where you live, but in the UK Boots the chemist also sell special gooved ear plugs that help balance ear pressure... hope this helps
  • Yawning works for me.
  • I've always had bad problems with my ears. Nothing i have tried works 100% but the best i've found is sucking ice during the landing.
  • You should not have an excessive or long term pressure except when descending as he cabin is pressurized to the equivalent of about 8,000 feet in elevation and simply yawning, chewing gum or food, swallowing hard or even pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth will allow equalization. There are earplugs also for this but again, unless you have an ear or sinus infection that is plugged up, you should not have any major issues and even then, some people take decongestants before flying to dry out the ear canals.
  • chewing gum
  • Chewing gum is the best answer here. Chewing gum not only helps pop your ears but it prevents them from becoming clogged in the first place. So if you have a long flight buy a BIG pack of seriously though.
  • Hold your nose and blow down it.
  • I just chew on some gum. It helps get rid of the pressure.
  • I think perhaps getting some fruit-flavoured sweets to suck, while you're on the plane, will help, as they will make your mouth produce saliva, which you can swallow. I think swallowing helps to relieve the pressure in your ears, when you're on a flight.

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