• It's good to feel needed, it gives you a sense of being important to someone, but not to the point when it becomes overbearing. When either women or men are that way the much-needed space individuals deserve becomes smaller and you might feel suffocated.
  • Needy women are fine. In fact, it gives one something to work with. A completely independent woman leaves nothing for the relationship. But, I can't think of a better word, "Clingy" people are indeed a turn off. The one's that have a want to ring every five minutes, to find out what it is that happened between the last call and this one, to always be around every second of every minute of every hour... you get the point. It ceases to be a two way street of mutual needs and fulfillment, and ends up being all about the other party.
  • Needy women - like needy men I should imagine - are a huge turnoff because their need is palpable. You can feel it from a distance. And they will latch onto anyone who they think will fill it.
  • I guess it can be, but it just depends on how needy she is. Sometimes it's nice. Do you have "needy" issues you need to work on, Sara?
  • hi sara it depends on how hot the girl is in the eyes of her boyfriend ..... y'know chemistry and passion have a lot to do with it .... no one answer is correct .... and is diverse as people are unique. P.S. i like your new pic ... it looks hot ;-)
  • No. Not for me. Not even turned on by them. I like a woman who's gonna bust my nuts once in a while. I think you need to rely on your partner, not carry them. Or vice-versa.
  • depends on what they need?
  • if they have reached the point where their expectations are unreal, then yes
  • Yes.....while you may be the one that is currently filling their needs, it will probably never be enough, and they will always be searching.
  • I have never been with a needy woman. Not in the traditional sense. It sounds like something that might be a turn off though.
  • YES!!!! What turns me off about them is that they make it seem like the world revolves around them. They also can't get enough of their matirialistic needs and attention.
  • It goes with out saying that needy people are to be handled with care. I say this because needy people can not get enough of anything without a degree of counselling. It may only require some pesonnel insight as to what they really need. they may only need to listen to a rolling stones song You can't alway get what you want. some people did not get the love they needed as a growing child . Sometimes that lack of love comes out sideways, needing something that a person can't get their finger on and need unfufilled will drive them crazy looking for a phantom. I do not try to sound dramatic but it is what it is. And the person for whom they latch onto, is not equipped for such a latching and will flee in earnest, away away.
  • 1st question: YES! 2nd question: Everything! ;-)
  • Yes as they need constant attention like a 5 year old and are most likley depenant on you most of the time
  • Yeah good i am enjoying it, it is 10 times better then yahoo answers
  • Never-ending responsibility. Ever-increasing expenses. Too much drama. Too many times having to comfort or rescue her. She becomes the man's job. Partnership becomes difficult. What he could have accomplished by teaming up with a capable woman gets sacrificed for a woman who isn't. It's hard enough to pull one's own weight, but to have to pull someone elses too gets tiresome after a while. At some point, the man will get tired of it and want some stability in a woman that can hold her own.

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