• I also rate other answer. Sometimes I forget to see those. I even write a comment " sorry too late "
  • I don't get emails but if it appears in my feedback that my question has been answered, I check for other answers as well, as they don't all show up :)
  • I check all the answers and comments. Unfortunately I do not receive notifications by email, only when I view my profile activity. Because of this glitch, I am afraid not to check! I think anyone who takes the time to answer should receive acknowledgment along with points!
  • I always go back and check. I'll click it so the answers are arranged by date instead of rating and I'll take a look see if I left anybody out. I'm surprised at how often I've missed someone.
  • I have discovered to my dismay that if I don't check the entire thread, something will fall through the cracks. So I try..although occasionally an oldtimer question will come back with tons of answers and I don't take the time to go through every one..but I should! :)
  • I have my notifications turned off.They fill a bulk of my mail page.I always see all answers to the questions I've posted and respond to all comments.
  • I check the rest to make sure I didn't forget one.
  • Good question sm00z, I do the later. I try and check all the answers and up date if needed! : )
  • I usually read all the answers and rate whether new or old, then send my own answer and rate the asker. I usually answer all possible under Unanswered questions, some are very good questions. Regards.
  • When I get a note on feedback I always check all the other answers and make sure they are rated and commented on. I still cannot get notifications from AB so cannot go by emails I just have to try to keep up to date myself.
  • I always look at that answer and check for others that I didn't see. I seem to find a lot of them that are several months old that way!
  • Excellent question! I always check the bottom of the answer list, because I know that it sometimes happens that I am not notified for an answer. And very often, I find this way some other forgotten answer.

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