• maybe i am misunderstanding this... but the way i look at is: it is a continuous line. therefore it does not repeat back on itself, so i dont think the future would be predictable. if time were a circle, then yes, it would be predictable.
  • At least some people are reflecting about the possibility of time travel:
  • We'd never be able to walk along it, though. We'd be too drunk!
  • No. There exists a wall through which no one can penetrate (yet). Through that wall passes the thread of time. We stand facing the wall in present time and behind us that thread trails off into the past. Whew....
  • If we could, Vegas would be out of business.
  • We can predict the future we just can't predict all events due to the infinite number of variables that affect future events. For example There will indeed be a noon tomorrow what I will be doing at that time depends on many things, did I get up on time, did I make it to work on time did I get hit by a bus, do I have a meeting or issue pop up that requires my attention. Time is predictable, events are not.

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