• The strangest reason to me keeps being no apparent reason at all.
  • ok i answered this question once about kids and in my answer i wrote that when my step-son does something good he gets more driving time and when he messes up he does not get to drive. any ways a boy from canada read my answer and insteaded that i was a horrible mom and on and on just because where he is was from they could not drive at 15 and felt i should follow there rules. I tried to explain to him that here in wyoming they are old enough to drive and i was going nothing wrong. he down rated me and called me a know it all b*tch.
  • For leaving an answer asking the person to place their question in a better location.
  • So far i dont recall ever being given a reason for any of the downrates i have been given
  • For no reason at all . Or for choosing the wrong song or quotation when asked which is my favourite, For having a son that was killed and a husband that died. There is a Yorkshire saying in England "Thes nowt as strange as Folk" it is very true.
  • Someone called me a dork with no explanation, dr'd me and ran away to change their name
  • I dunno. Happens a lot. I just got downrated for guessing the celeb most likely to be satan in disguise was Tom Cruise. Who knew AB was a hotbed of Xenu-fearin' Tomkat lovers?
  • I have no clue WHY most of the answers I've given that were downrated were - With the exception of high-level drive-by trolls and people who look at questions, then don't want to hear the truth or someone else's opinion.
  • I accidentally got in the middle of a dispute between two people. When I agreed with one on her question, the other had a conniption fit and DR attacked me.
  • Because I answered this to this question. What ever happened to humour in people

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