• I play for fun, but I'm most definitely a novice.
  • It's a bit of both with a little bit of bluffing and a lot of poker face.
  • Yes, I do. Luck is only helpful in the short-term. Poker is all psychology, and learning how to read people.
  • I do. Luck is always a factor. But skill over time will increase success. You know when you have a decent hand and when to chuck a hand. This you learn over time. What you can't control are the randomness of the cards...Skill comes from the decisions you make based on the randomness that the deck presents to you. Experience makes you better at this...make sense?
  • I think people that aren't professional rely mostly on luck, but it takes skill to lay down some of the hands the professionals do, and to know when they're beat
  • Nope. I don't know how to play. :)
  • i'm afraid that i play too much poker heh. in fact the book i m reading right now is called 'how to win at poker' by belinda levez. as you know, poker involves both luck and skill .. sometimes I say that's its all about luck (especially when i get those bad bad beats! grr or when someone rivers me after a long betting and calling ritual), but I would be wrong to say that its all about luck. to play poker well takes skill, knowledge and lots of practice. if you learn the game properly you d be able to maximize your winnings, while keeping losses to a minimum. goodluck! ;)
  • its a bit of both really.
  • It can be demonstrated mathematically that all players in the long run get as many good cards as all other players. Therefore it is skill, not luck, that matters.
  • Limit poker is luck no-limit has a lot more skill involved. Online poker is all luck.
  • Poker is a game of skill and luck, they say the luck evens out over time so skill is most important in the long run but, in a single night, game or tournament when the skill level of the players at a table is even thats when luck plays a bigger part. Trick is to play against players you believe to be less skilled than yourself and play them same players over time then you should be winning more than losing.
  • I don't play poker because I don't like betting or bluffing. I love playing cards, though. The hand you're dealt is all luck, but where you go from there involves skill. The skills are things like, betting, making your body language unreadable, reading other people's body language, counting cards, and if you have the opportunity to exchange some cards, knowing how to maximize your chances of a good hand.
  • I play Texas Hold 'em and that is a game of skill. There is luck involved, but if you know how to play well, you have a significant advantage.
  • Ya on a regular basis and if I'm honest i think luck is the largest factor but you have to know when to ride your luck!
  • Kidding? No such a thing as "luck" in card games. Probability, mastery, collaboration, tricks, whatever, but not luck.

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