• so why did you do it in the firstplace? well i guess you have to wait until it grows back and i think it takes a couple of months or a year
  • I assume you're a girl, in which case- make the best of it! Wear cute scarves or headbands, show off your earrings... It probably doesn't look as bad as you think anyway. I always say you can do anything if you do it with style, so act like you love it!
  • Elinor no... why did you do that?! Find a very good hairdresser and ask if he/she can rescue you. It's worth spending money on. Because you're worth it... :-))
  • Buy a hat! Imagine you are another person. Change your whole style. It feels great.
  • The wisdom lies in the film Napoleon Dynamite. Deb reveals the answer to Pedro.
  • Don't beat up on your self, because your hair is going to grow back.
  • I does depend on your hair and face, but I would say that you might try pinning it back, showing off your forehead, but then again, that might be a bad idea, for I am a guy!
  • I did it once and it was a quite interesting feeling. You just have to be careful that you don't take a cold, so put something on your head if it feels cold. Just enjoy it! Why do you think you are not very attractive with short hair? I find it quite attractive.
  • See the problem here Elinor, is youre just not used to it. Give it a week or so and you will get to like it, and lets be honest, in another month or so it will be quite long again. Short hair is easier to manage, so think of the time you will save in the morning!! Ive done exactly the same as you and had the hair cut short, and regretted it, but then i grow it and everyone says.. 'oh but you suited it much better short'!!! you just cant win. And why do you say youre not very attractive with short hair?? did someone say this to you or is it your own opinion?? i bet its gorgeous!! post a pic??
  • Elinor, you are a sweet person. You are more than hair. And your hair will grow back. ((((hugs))))
  • take what you did and go with it what done is done right? since you cut it maybe you can change the color and you might like what you did a little will always grow back! If you are really not happy wear a wig or a hat
  • Let me be the judge of that by seeing you with the new doo.
  • wear a hat. get several different kinds for different days and moods. eventually your hair will grow back.

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