• Yes. Provided I am not simply going to the loo/kitchen/answer the door ect I always turn the TV off when I leave the room.
  • i leave it on, except if im leaving the house, unless im popping 5 mins down the road i leave it on then 2. i used toleave it on in my mums house and she drummedit into me so i do now remember to turn it off
  • I always turn the TV off if I'm going to be out of the room for more than a few minutes. The same with lights and any other electrical equipment.
  • Although it IS on right now, I rarely turn the TV on. But if it is on, I am usually watching something. If I leave the room it is because I am done watching that, so it gets turned off.
  • yepp.. i always turn the tv off when i leave the room!
  • I leave it on. Rightly or wrongly, I think the noise might be a comfort to my pets.
  • No I leave it on for noise and news updates. I only turn it off when leaving the house.
  • I leave it on for the dog, when I leave for short periods of time. If I am leaving for a long time, two hours plus, I shut it off.
  • I turn it off. My monthly electric bill is too high now and I read that HDTVs use more electricity. Our electric rates went up 40% last year.
  • I make an effort to turn it off if I know no-one else is watching it. You can hear the high pitched squeal of the thing rooms over, and I figure that can't be good for anyone.
  • I leave the tv on, and my computer on twenty four seven. the manual says its better to leave it on than to turn it off. If i am not on the computer, i am watching television.
  • I almost never turn it on. Used to watch the news but it has become such a fantasyland it's not worth suffering through all the commercials. It's like "we are now going to show you a lot of commercials and every once in a while break for the news." I'd rather read it online than listen to someone else's commentary about why something happened. I'm smart enough to figure it out myself.

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