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  • (((( Yes ))) and don't worry you have many, many years to make me
  • A 5 year old can have sex (youngest full term preg was in a 5 yo). It is not a high skill position to have sex. Maturity helps and most 15 year olds are not mature enough. The longer you wait to have sex, the better your reasons to have sex will be. It tends to tie you to that person for a while and at your age, it is better to not be tied down. You don't know what you want yet, you may have an idea, but it will change several times.
  • it's not age that matters its maturaty. Make sure your ready first.
  • yaaaaaaa
  • Probably not. But likely too young to be responsible doing so.
  • no but just be safe ok.....
  • Well, honestly, my gf at the time and I were both 16. (I would turn 17 a month later.) It felt great and for the next day or so I was king of the world. My gf and I were closer than ever and I was sure I was in love. However, we hadn't used any birth control and then I began to worry - Did I get her pregnant - and I spent the next month worrying as did my gf. I started to think about what I would do. How I would marry her and skip college to get a job and on and on the worries went. Well, it turned out I didn't - pure dumb luck - and my gf and I dated for about a year. Was it worth it? It will always be a fond memory but unless you are willing to risk the stress and live with the possibility of the unexpected, it would be better if you waited. Casual sex can be fun - for a day - and if you are dating the girl, that can make it mean more to both of you. Still, if you wait, you will have a better and more meaningful sex life. If you decide you can't wait, forget about spur of the moment sex. Plan the time, get the condoms or whatever, and then have sex when you are sure you will have privacy. Otherwise your first time will be fast and filled with worry and you will be disappointed. So it is up to you - and I don't disapprove of teen sex - but know what you are doing,

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