• I don't know about the specifics of the Taurus, but if the timing belt or chain (depends on the vehicle) breaks, you're in for a lot of trouble! You'd have pistons crushing valves, scoring of the inside of the cylinder, general pandemonium. I had this happen in an old Cortina, had to replace the engine. A friend three blocks away had the timing belt in an Astra break (only one and a half years old) and completely ruined the engine! In short, when the timing chain need replacing, replace it.
  • Of course it would because the timing chain keeps the valve train in timing with the crank.Phew I just got that from my husband cause I sure don't know.I wanted to tell you about our friend who was holding the timing chain on his four wheeler and leaned over to do something and hit the ignition button and yanked his finger off to the knuckle!He is in the hospital as we please take care!

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