• "Time heals all wounds," or so they say anyway... Just keep yourself occupied, go out on dates, even if just friendly dates, and give time some time. People are very adaptable creatures, you'll get over her soon enough.
  • If it were me - I'd be thankful that they left now, instead of 15 years from now, while I'm still (relatively) young. You're hurting. It's going to suck, there's no sugar-coating it. Handwrite yourself a letter - be sure to date it. Describe in agonizing detail what happened, your feelings, your reaction, how much you despise her, everything. Cry, scream, let it out. Then fold it up, and put it in a drawer. The next day go out. Try something new that you've always wanted to do. Anything at all. Get drunk and sing karaoke in a bar you'll never go to again. Buy that Playstation 3 you've had your eye on, and Call of Duty 4 to go with it. Whatever gives you instant (nonharmful) gratification. Keep yourself busy, and smile though your heart is breaking. Repeat daily. In three months, open that drawer. Read that letter. Does it sound a tiny bit melodramatic to you? Good, that means you're healing. Put it back in the drawer. Check every three months, if you even remember to. Best wishes to you.
  • no, you'll never emotionally overcome what youre intending to try by moving on. talk to her, win her back :)
  • Time is a healer, it sound to me like you were not married long with your age, your a young lad hold your head up and try and movde on dont let one bad experience hold you back, what i would say is concerntrateon your work just now, your marrige was not meant to be i say, plenty other fish in the sea, hold your head up be proud and move on.
  • I know you must be in pain, but everything happens for a reason. You are soooo young! Of course you will love again!! Take your time, have some fun, and choose wisely. In a world full of BILLIONS of people, I don't think there is just ONE "love" for everyone!! The possibilities are endless!!!!
  • you are young off course you will meet some one knew! when anyone loses there partner they feel this but majority of the time they do! yes you will hurt but keep yourself out of the house meet new people male and female make new friends and one day you will fall in love again and they will love you too!
  • 1. you are 20 - that means you have around another 60 years to bump into another love interest. 1b. - your only 20, way to young to have been married and divorced :( 2. You don't make yourself "feel better". Sorry, there is no "get out of pain cards" in life. You learn how to grit your teeth and keep walking and allow the distance of time to put things in perspective. Time and only time appears to be the cure for broken hearts. Yes you feel terrible today - tomorrow or next week or next month you will only feel "half horrible" another week, month whatever you will feel "1/4 horrible" eventually you will wake up one morning and realize that you have been feeling half good, or even great for a bit of time - you had forgotten for a while the misery. This is how it works. Getting from here to there takes time. If you feel like crying now, then do it. A good cry helps a lot of times. Don't go rushing around and looking for a new love interest or try to get a date (or sex) right now. Me time is good time after a relationship. Reorganize your life, move into an apartment, decorate it the way you like. Pack up and put away old photographs and reminders. Don't toss them out, you will want them one day. If you are the type, take a class - maybe work toward a degree or something. If that isn't something you like, then pick up a gym card and start a workout routine. If that isn't something your into then buy a project car - you know an old car that needs tender love and lots of work that you can tinker with and "cherry out" - Find something that is your passion and do it for a while. Not only does this take your mind of the 'problem' it is also something that you like to do and/or improves you. With that said, allow me to give you some advice. If she was your first love - you will never ever forget her and most likely will never ever stop loving her. I still love my first love (I'm really old enough too be your dad - and I and my first love parted ways well before you were born). Occasionally I will wistfully look back at the good old days and think "if only...." and on greater occasions I have been known to shed a tear - been nearly two years - something happened to remind me of some very special times. This is the nature of first love. When you do meet somebody new (you will) you will have love for them - but it WILL NOT be exactly the same as what you felt for the last person. Due to this you may misthink that what you are feeling is not love. Be careful - when you measure love interests make certain that the ruler you are using is the ex. To often we use our ex's to measure other people by for both good and bad qualities. Try to remember that each person is unique and is an individual and no one can measure up perfectly to another person. If none of this makes sense, don't worry. In another 30 years everything I said will make perfect sense. Again it all boils down to time. ;-)
  • Dusty, she asked for a divorce? I am so sorry, we all know how much you love her. Stay strong, be positive and don't do anything rash. You have my concern.
  • the first one always hurts the most. this is setting you up for the rest of your love life. it may never get easier but you will find in time you can prepare yourself. live and lean my friend.
  • you must have told her you cheated on her. it probably upset her immensely. you could move to another location, set up a bachelor pad, kick back and enjoy the single life again. you can meet people online, on craigs list, dating sites, lots of women are looking for men. personally, i suggest staying single for the rest of your life. get a vasectomy, so you are free to have unprotected sex. get a two bedroom apt and rent out the second bedroom to a female.
  • I was devistated by my divorce."This too shall pass" was told to me many times.Eventually it did.It takes alot of time for some people.For me, a few years. This can also be a time to grow for you! I read alot of books.A little counciling. I read things that helped me see things that I could improve inside myself for future relationships. Rejection, anger,forgiveness,childhood upbringing ect. I prayed alot.Then I prayed more.I became more dependent on God and less on any woman in my life.God gave me hope in a hopeless situation. Are you going to mearly survive the divorce or are you going to learn,overcome and triuph over this terrible circumstance? Take the time to heal properly.Your future relationships will benifit along with how you view yourself. Take Care!
  • first of all, why does this question say you are 20, when a previous one says that you are 21? second, everyone feels like that after getting dumped. just remember that. because obviously if that were true, and after being dumped nobody loved again, there would be a LOT more single people in the world.
  • Oh, you will find that someone else will be the "love of your life" as you move on and meet new people. You are just hurting right now because your love is sincere. Time can only heal wounds and believe that they will... each day will get better and better... Just keep yourself busy with things you enjoy and have some "alone" time as well. There is no immediate cure for such hurt.
  • 20 is very young to be married these days anyway, get yourself out clubbing with your mates and enjoy being young, free and single. Laugh loads and do whatever you like with your time, you will relish the freedom once you have got her out of your system... Don't watch any romcom's or listen to any of "your" songs - it will only make it worse. Good luck
  • Well if your just about 21 when you hit 21 there are plenty of woman at the bars single and waiting to have some fun. Get out have some fun (fishing,biking,camping,rafting, ect.) whatever you like to do get out and do it because that will help the most. If then you feel the same visit a doctor to get meds or get a counselor.
  • My girlfriend just ended our relationship. I won't say that it was like you and your wife. No relationship is, or will be. We were very close, and it stings to the point where it was almost unbearable just catching a stray scent of her perfume from a bag of my things. You feel bad, and you will feel bad for some time. You'll think you're over it, and then you'll hear a song, or see a book, or someone will say something that reminds you of her, and it'll hurt all over again, almost like now. And then, one day, you'll quietly realize that someone else has been flirting with you, and that you've been flirting back. It'll be awkward -- it'll feel nothing like what you had before. You'll have trouble wrapping your head around it. If you're like me, by the time you realize it's even happening, you're in love again. It's worth it.
  • You cant as i am going through the same. You have to try to stay strong and know that eventually time will make you feel better
  • Wow, that is so sad! I think you need to give yourself time to grieve. Whatever you do, don't rush into another relationship out of loneliness. If you can, go to some things you would enjoy on your own.
  • You are very young, dont feel horrible, is it because of her or you, try to make it out, if you were in love, if she was not, just forget her and make another date and marry.

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