• Yes, because the pump action is actually loading another shell.
  • Yes, whatever is in the chamber of a pump-action shotgunwhen is ejected whenever the slide is racked back , live round or empty shell case it makes no difference. When the slide is operated and a round is loaded into the chamber the gun is cocked and the slide locked in the forward position - the gun is ready to fire. 1) If the round is discharged then the slide is automatically unlocked so that it can be racked back and the empty shell case ejected and a new round loaded or:- 2) if you decide not to fire the round and wish to unload the gun then it is then necessary to manually unlock the slide by operating the disconnector, (this is a small latch on the left hand rear of the trigger guard in winchester shotguns), this latch unlocks the slide which can then be racked back to eject the unfired round from the chamber.
  • yes, the gun itself has no idea if the shell has been discharged or not (Besides the firing pen) but other than that, the ejection spring only cares about getting the shell out

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