• I'm confused do you have a diagram?
  • If a woman becomes a man? I don't think that is so. I believe they remove the parts needed to produce a baby. The process is completely irreversible.
  • that would be an interesting thing to explain to the mother.
  • I am familiar with the news story you are referring to. Calling one's self a man doesn't make one a man. If one has female reproductive organs intact, one is a female.
  • hay! i seen some thing like that on the news earler. but i wander how the baby was concived
  • Yes, look at this site.
  • Not by me.
  • Anyone with female reproductive organs, fully functioning, can get pregnant. That usually doesn't include transsexuals, whether MtoF or FtoM- Usually the contents go, and I *think* in the case of FtoM, uterine tissue is sometimes used for filling the penis, since it also swells when it engorges when blood. So that news story is certainly an anomaly.
  • Wow, I think you are thinking way too hard 2nite, please sit down and grab a cold one, for me...
  • ahhh... Right. Like i said, definitely an anomaly. Really interesting and I wish him the best of luck and safety-- like they said, a big risk is the hormone treatment, but looks like they took care of it.
  • A complete female to male trangender surgery usually involves removing the ovaries.
  • Hasn't this question been answered by Oprah? Some people seem to be misreading the actual question: The question is a "transgender man" not a biologically born male. A trans man is not a female. Yes, a trans man can get pregnant if he hasn't had his reproductive organs removed, and if he stops taking testerone injections.
  • As long as "he" has ovaries and the necessary plumbing.

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