• I can only answer from my own experience and say that mothers and daughters tend to clash archetypally, whereas fathers will always view their daughter as a "little girl". I guess the father-daughter relationship can be less intense. I imagine the same thing, in reverse, is true for fathers and sons. The parent of the same sex wants to raise the child with high expectations that their kid will grow up and be just like them.
  • Um, I don't know that they are. I'm much closer to my mother than my father.
  • In most cases, but not all cases, some fathers tend to be not as hard in the discipline area as the mothers are. But again, thats in my opinion, most cases, but not all of them. Little girls tend to need a father figure in theyre life, to help them and to protect them while they are little, and believe it or not that is an important thing to a little girl. Most children that do not have any shape or form of mother or father in theyre life, tend to have more issues growing up as a child. I know this, because i am a divorced mom that has one teenage daughter ,and the guy that I am with has three daughters, one from his first marriage, and the other two younger ones from his previous ex. We have quite a few females in the house ,and trust me I know .
  • well, from a freudian standpoint, its probably that they're trying to be like their mommy by being close to daddy. Creepy, eh? I don't know. I can't think of any girls I know who are closer to dad than they are to mum.
  • Is it because the mommies tend to be the disciplinarians more than the daddy? It's true for me... It's not that I'm never serious with her...I just pick my battles differently.
  • that's truly an opinion. alot of girls are closer to their mom because they are the same sex. and the mom for me is usually a little kinder but i would never underestimate the power of the father. dad's are great for picking u up and dusting u off and sometimes they do let u get away with more things but i was closer to my mom
  • opposites attract. it is a fundamental rule.
  • This is regarding Sigmund Freud........ Drawing on Sir James Frazer’s explorations of the Australian Aborigines, he interpreted the mixture of fear and reverence for the totemic animal in terms of the child’s attitude toward the parent of the same sex. The Aborigines’ insistence on exogamy was a complicated defense against the strong incestuous desires felt by the child for the parent of the opposite sex.
  • Simply because we feel protected by our dads. That is the bottom line.
  • good question but i dont really quite now the exact answer but i've seen some of my couzins that are closer to their dads...but in my case im more closer to my mom ever since i was a child and my brother has been closer to my dad my little sister is jumping between both of them shes in the middle lol

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