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  • Based on my observation and experience, I would have to say that girls fall in love the quickest; however, I have known a few guys to break this observation.
  • I have never noticed one or the other. People fall in love no doubt but rather or not they are male or female really does not give them an edge as to who excels in this area.
  • I'm not clear as to what a "gurl" is.
  • I don't know Im a girl myself and I think guys mabe because once I overheard some guy talkin to his buddy sayin "Look at that hot brunette over there" so the guy looked up and sees some girl walk by and smiled akwardly. He went over to talk to her and in less than a minute, he was holding hands with her.
  • I think guys, if it's the girl who asked him out...
  • In my opinion it is not whether it is a girl or a guy but what personality of the two. Insecure girls always fall in love quick and mommas boys always fall in love quick. :)
  • Men are slower to fall in love and slower to fall out of love when they do. Women are quicker to fall in love and as quick to fall out of love. Not necessarily my opinion but something I've heard...
  • I think it depends on the person. I'm trying to invite you as a friend but it won't let me. Could you add me to your list?
  • I don't think that it matters what sex. It's your temperament. All the men I've been with have fallen for me, but I never did for them. Maybe when it comes to teenagers, girls fall in love quicker. But when we grow up, it gets harder for women to fall in love.
  • All other things being equal, men fall in love far faster, but admit to it far more slowly, than women. There are, of course, many exceptions to the general rule. However, a lot has to do with basic psychology. Women tend to be more verbal and therefore more expressive. Their friendships "tend" to be more numerous, closer and more intense and therefore their need for love in that sense is less urgent. Men, on the other hand, tend to have more distant friendships and far fewer close ones. Because of that, their need for intimacy and closeness tends to be more urgent - and they will tend to feel more intensely when they meet someone whom they find both emotionally and physically more attractive. This also pans out in an evolutionary sense. In nature, men by instinct want to impregnate as many females as they can. (It is how the species has survived for several hundred thousand years.) Women, because in nature they can only have one child at a time, tend to look for mates who are best suited to protecting them and their offspring. (So they have to be more selective in an evolutionary sense. They need a mate who can ward off predators and rival males.) This bears out the old saw that for men, there is no love until there is sex, but for women there is no sex until there is love. Add up the psychology, the sociology - society tends to socialize men to be more emotionally contained - and the evolutionary biology and it makes the case that men fall faster. However, the flip side is that they are also apt to fall out of love far faster.

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