• Yeast infections can be caused by many things in women. If you are on medication, that is a biggie... I've never heard of yeast infections from him drinking beer.. perhaps he has a yeast infection that he is transfering to you. Some women have cronic yeast infections from the foods that they eat too. I would ask a doctor if this is a recurring problem.
  • Yes you can get a bacterial infection from his sperm and it has nothing to do with his beer drinking. Semen is very alkaline, the vagina is very acidic. The alkilinity of the sperm throws off the balance of the vagina which could lead to a vaginal infection.
  • The issue here is, either you are reinfecting one another. As an example, you have one, then he gets it, gives it back to you. I would see your OBGYN and ask his/her feelings on how to stop these from going from you to him, and back again. I do not believe beer plays any part of it. Hope the site below can help you some.
  • A womans' uretha is very short. So when she has sex there is a risk of infection. After sex a woman should always urinate immediately. This will cut down on yeast infections and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • not by the sperm
  • Beer intake by your husband has practically nothing to do with your infection. It might be that your husband is a carrier of Monilial fungus. which we normally all are and you have less glycogen in the squamous cells which line your vagina, leading to decreased vaginal pH. Another reason for infection can be prolonged use of antibiotics either by you or by your husband. Antibiotics kill normal flora and give a chance to fungus to multiply.
  • I agree with what the others said. Beer has nothing to do with you yeast infection.This site might help you though This is a personal website of someone who has the infection but found a cure.
  • the yeast in beer is a different kind of yeast that is in your body so it definitely isn't that i suffered with yeast infections off and on for years and through learning more about what causes the excess candida or yeast in your body you can learn to prevent them for good. hope this helps worked wonders for me
  • hecksalw and that will flush out the things dont use to much ask at the drug store about it od the dr

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