• Because they are idiots.
  • Welcome to customer service!! How dare you interfere with their plans for the day!! lol
  • They may be desperate to eat something(real hungry).It may be sounding that retaurant is not willing to provide the services.Staring means they are checking the genuinity of the reason offered by you.
  • When people are hungry, they think with their appetites and not with their heads.
  • The general public are stupid. This I know through experience. Some of the questions I have been asked...
  • Because you should be open damn it! I came HERE and now YOU'RE closed. . .how DARE you? I'm hungry. . .screw the gas leak! Serve me now before I throw a temper tantrum! Is that about right? :)
  • LOL that happens here ALOT, we close every year, same time for deep maintinence, and with BIG signs saying we are closed, re open that time. The will pull the doors, read the sign, following it with their finger, and go to the next set of doors, and repeat. Once someone some how got in, walked PAST the pool, and asked if she could go swimming, when we said that it was drained, and closed she asked to see if we're sure she couldnt go swimming
  • Their plans were to eat THERE. They did not want to go to the others. Maybe they and friends were all going to your restuarant for a long meal, and with it closed, their plans are suddenly confused. The wide-eyed stare is "NOW what the hell are we going to do!" or "What the hell do you expect us to do now? Drive another 2 minutes to another restaurant? I mean, we drove here, got out of our car, and came to the door. How DARE you have a problem and lock it on us! How DARE you inconvenience US!" (Of course, if there's a "gas-lean in the area", THOSE restaurants will be closed, too, and if "the whole grid [is] shut down", it might even effect the Applebees within that radius.) Customer service can be a bitch, huh? ;-)
  • Because most are uncouth louts who can barely walk erect, let alone employ cognitive skills like reading the sign and observing the Con Ed trucks everywhere. It's easier to ask and kvetch.
  • Because they're starving and hope you will make an exception for them! :)
  • Hungry people don't always act right.
  • Because there's alot of meat puppets runnin' around out there.

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